New Earth Celebrations Upcoming Events

April is upon us, preparing for May flowers! We’re creating new experiences for strengthening the Divine Light on the planet & it’s access into our Heart-Souls, for the Highest Good of All!

Please join us in building this momentum, as well as the new earth communities.


MONTHLY New Earth Celebration Circles

at the Josh Stout Gallery ~ Tulsa, OK

3rd Saturday of every Month

Beginning March 19th

12 – 2 PM

Love Exchange $33.00 to

please make a note of Event Date with payment

Because the energies are continually increasing, Heart-Souls are continually awakening, Byron & I are devoted to supporting all aligned souls to receive the assistance to download the new Light codes, upgrade your Sacred Technology, and find celebration & support in the growing New Earth, higher dimensional communities!

You are invited! Face Book Event Page