Divinely Aligned Next Leveling

Greetings & New Moon Blessings, Beauties ~ Here we are, in the flow of many frequency up-grades: New Moon today kicks off Eclipse Season, though the first Eclipse will accompany the Full Moon.All measurements are rising of Solar Flares & Light Codes of Solar Crystalline Geometry as the Sun rays are amplifying. Geometric storms are a flurry. Plasma … Continue reading Divinely Aligned Next Leveling

Inner Listening ~ Highest Self Communication

The first clear, undeniable experience I had with my Highest Self, which was the start of my conscious, Ascension/ Sacred Embodiment journey, was in 2000. Life as I knew it had just crumbled all around me via the gift that was Vertigo. Which by the way, was not seen as a gift or the blessing … Continue reading Inner Listening ~ Highest Self Communication

The End of an Era ~ the End of a Marriage

This week my best friend, meaning my now ex-husband, and I celebrated our divorce. Really, we celebrated the love we have for one another, life we had together and the life we each have created for ourselves. The divorce was simply a point of finality, from one timeline to another. We separated 2 years ago … Continue reading The End of an Era ~ the End of a Marriage