Embodiment of Natural (Organic) Time

Modern life, in it’s predominant linear, Masculine structure has many benefits enabling a developed society to function. As does the masculine principle, mechanical time expresses those qualities of order, structure, logic, rational, leading by the intellect. It utilizes schedules, a 12 month calendar, rules & regulation, law, scientific proof of any phenomena, containment & discipline … to name a few.

The less beneficial ways that mechanical time life effects humanity, is that it has divorced humanity from the interconnectedness to all of Life, including our own bodies & body wisdom. The natural rhythms & cycles, seasons, the waxing/waning of the moon, living in relationship to the light of the Sun, & cultivating the ebbs & flow of the waterways within our own blood & fluids, has left us devoid of a deeper Feminine recognition.

I’ve shared before about Natural Time, Sacred Rhythm. That during this time of Ascension/Awakening, all of life is going through massive upgrades that connect us into balance with the feminine wisdoms. Unplugging & untethering from mechanical time is challenging, especially if one is immersed within those structures and that masculine imbalanced consciousness.

This month I’m deeply moved to begin bringing 2 embodied practices of the Sacred Feminine. Regardless of gender or orientation, we are all invited to remember ourselves back into a deeper connection within, harmonizing and balancing our own Sacred Inner Masculine & Feminine.

Firstly, introducing the Sola~Terra Alchemy Ritual. This practice is a way of the body, that begins to usher us into more of a sacred flow of Life. Through joining into relationship with Mother Earth and Father Sun, we become the vessels of merging & weaving these potent energetic frequencies into our body.

We’re going to dive into the power of Mother Nature to bring healing & balance to all of our systems. What happens to our cells and mitochondria, when we weave solar radiance and earthen magnetism into our daily life. And how our endocrine and hormonal activity strengthens when we enter into this prayerful relationship, as a living bridge between Heaven and Earth.

“Your daily embodiment practice is the foundational Sola-Terra Sequence, where you will begin to align yourself back to Organic Time, and restore your body and psyche from man-made artificial time and the disconnection it brings on a cellular and energetic level.” As stated by Dr. Azra Bertrand of Biomancy University, with whom I’ve been studying with these last 9 months.

You are invited to my sweet abode of enchantment for an afternoon of Sola~Terra!

Sola ~ Terra Alchemy Sacred Embodiment

Sun ~ Moon Enchantment

Saturday, August 20th

3:00 ~ 5:30 pm

Enchanted Abode Residence

Love Donation Appreciated to RSVP ~ Address given upon RSVP

This will be an outdoor/indoor experience, please dress for accordingly for your comfort

paypal.com/paypalme/sacredembodiment OR cash.app/$JamiLindley

Please make a note with payment “Sola ~ Terra”

Next, we’ll be gathering once again for monthly Moon-time meditations. This time, we’ll be exploring different phases of the moon and the effects she has on our body/mind/soul, and guiding us into our deeper natural time. This month we’ll be meeting for the Waning Gibbous Phase.

Moon-time Meditation ~ Tulsa

Waning Gibbous Phase

Wednesday evening, August 17th

6 – 7:30 pm

Enchanted Abode Residence

Love Donation to RSVP ~ Address is given upon RSVP

paypal.com/paypalme/sacredembodiment OR cash.app/$JamiLindley

** Please make a note with payment “Moon Meditation” **

I look forward to seeing those who are local to Tulsa, who feel called into a new magical flow!

To keep in the loop of monthly offerings, please peruse New Earth Celebration Events

With Loving Harmony & Balance,