Solstice Gifting

Hello Lovelies ~

We are nearing the beautiful Solstice, December 21st and floating in these darkening energies of night at this time.

Following on the tail of Winter Solstice is a potent New Moon.

I’m sharing a couple of gifts for your preparation for this sacred ending of 2022 and birthing into 2023.

First, here is a link to a Soundcloud Winter 2022 Activation Light Language recording for you to utilize through this juncture. You can return to this daily to help keep your intentions & energy streamlining for your next leveling.

Next, this is a conversation on Capricorn Solstice, between a couple of my favorites, astrologer & Plant Alchemist expert, Pam Gregory & Davyd Farrell. I had no idea how uniquely positioned the planets were right now & how powerful. So many blessings as we align with the New Earth energies/frequencies/consciousness. The Winter Activation can be used wonderfully in tandem with this information, as you begin to apply it to your personal life!

And, if you’re in Tulsa, I have a couple more spaces left for the Sacred Soul Reflections for the end of 2022 integration with the beautiful & magical Cacao journey. You can register on:

New Earth Events page to join us this Sunday, December 18th.

As Davyd says in the video … “Keep your focus” through this portal into the 2023. Where our thoughts, feelings, & actions align, our reality is created!

InJoy & Much Love,