Embodiment of Natural (Organic) Time

Modern life, in it's predominant linear, Masculine structure has many benefits enabling a developed society to function. As does the masculine principle, mechanical time expresses those qualities of order, structure, logic, rational, leading by the intellect. It utilizes schedules, a 12 month calendar, rules & regulation, law, scientific proof of any phenomena, containment & discipline … Continue reading Embodiment of Natural (Organic) Time

Sacred Self-Empowerment Class

A quick note: I am leaving Gmail, so please make a note of the new email in which to receive newsletters or in order to contact me regarding Art of Sacred Embodiment. Please add to your contacts so things don't go into spam. Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Self-empowerment. What does this mean to you? What … Continue reading Sacred Self-Empowerment Class

Full Moon /Lunar Eclipse ~ Journey into Your Embodied Sacred Presencing

This Full Moon (Sunday/Monday) brings the energy of action, momentum, manifestation, and of course, all cycles carry the expression of clearing.Filling ~ Emptying ~ One supports the other. This is part of the Sacred Feminine Spirals of Life.  As you move through this weekend's energies, remember too, that though the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (or any eclipse … Continue reading Full Moon /Lunar Eclipse ~ Journey into Your Embodied Sacred Presencing