Weaving & Alchemy

We are always weaving through time & space ... or is time & space weaving through us? We could say both and more! There are so many expressions of consciousness that we are co-creating reality with us. The questions are: Are you consciously creating? Are you intimately relating? Are you subtly presencing? We are danced … Continue reading Weaving & Alchemy

The Sacred Presencing Doorway

The old paradigm mode of learning has been through lessons of pain & suffering. We've been unconsciously motivated to change via hardship, loss, anger, division. For many this modus of oparandi is still in full force. It is connected to our wounds & the programs of attachment/addiction to pain & suffering. But there is a … Continue reading The Sacred Presencing Doorway

Loving December Greetings ~

Here we are at the closing of another year, 2022. It's been a full year ... full of what is up to each of determine, as it seems we've all had specific purifications that we've been faced with, to set a clear slate for 2023. December is a time of reflection & retreating into our … Continue reading Loving December Greetings ~

Offerings of Support & Celebration December~ January

Every year I love to offer extra support during the holiday and New Year season. This time of year can be full of a wide spectrum of emotions, stress, tension, maybe loneliness, and challenges. And simultaneously, there is also joy, excitement, connection, and a flurry of activity. Our human selves have the capacity to experience … Continue reading Offerings of Support & Celebration December~ January

Sacred Soul 2022 Reflection Cacao Journey/Gathering

As we move toward the closing of 2022, my sense is that for most of this has been an intense year in very unique ways for everyone. I know we could say that this is true for the last couple of years from the time Covid struck. This year though seems to have had it's … Continue reading Sacred Soul 2022 Reflection Cacao Journey/Gathering