Inner Marriage of the Divine Feminine/ Masculine

There is a dance within us each,spiraling water & flame, yin & yang, moon & sun,                           calling forth the surrender of our heart into Divine Wholeness,                            activating the blueprint of … Continue reading Inner Marriage of the Divine Feminine/ Masculine

Living from the Spacious Heart

One of my strengths is bringing the embodiment experience into clear communication of sensory based understanding. I believe this is important, because it's through the feeling senses of the body, that enables us to really grock the processes we're expanding into and through. Cognitive understanding has it's necessity as well, however in my experience, it's … Continue reading Living from the Spacious Heart

Anchoring Unified Love

This 9:9 portal, has called me to drop into inner peace more consistently, more intentionally. These next few months, as we make our way to 2021 are going to be powerful for the Ascension trajectory. The intentions to anchor the higher dimensions & Light to support this plane and continue to clear all that interferes … Continue reading Anchoring Unified Love

New Moon Light Language Activation ~ Wednesday September, 16th

New Moon Blessings! We'll be gathering for this New Moon energy & to explore the 5th Dimensional living and New Earth timelines. 2020 has been said again & again, to be an unprecedented year. I'd agree, but not only for the reasons of the collapsing paradigms around us. I see it as unprecedented because it … Continue reading New Moon Light Language Activation ~ Wednesday September, 16th

What’s Inside, is Outside

Ascension family, the next 4 months are going to be chock full of opportunities to choose a brand new experience of how we see ourselves and life. Those who have devoted & dedicated themselves to the awakening of not only themselves, but humanity and our planet as a whole will have little rest as we … Continue reading What’s Inside, is Outside