You are taken on an unknown adventure into the living mystery world of a spiritual awakening, enlivened by the divine force of Shakti Kundalini.

This journey is a vision of transformation: blissful highs, fiery depths, unseen realms, Soul remembrance, & the Divine connection

Have you ever wondered what a spiritual awakening or a Kundalini awakening might look like? The thought had never crossed Lotus Lindley’s mind when she was initiated into a roller-coaster reality of her own mystical, inner journey of spiritual transformation. Entering into an unknown world of the Divine feminine, Shakti Kundalini, her process is intimate, emotional and profound. Awakening from the Dream: A Kundalini Memoir, is a descriptive, riveting account of what many refer to as a Kundalini Awakening. Lotus’ story is infused with revealed spiritual teachings, higher realm guides and inner depths of the subconscious. Readers are taken on a spiritual adventure that is both wondrous and frightening. The experiences display courage and vulnerability, when all of reality is turned upside down and inside out; where transformation disheveled the identity of who Lotus had been,in order to rebirth her into who she truly is. These pages hold rarely glimpsed, viscerally charged details of the effects spiritual purification has on one’s mental, emotional and physical being, illustrated beautifully by blissful highs of expanding conscious awareness as well as intense baptisms of fire. Through her direct experience with the innate spiritual force of Shakti Kundalini, Lotus shares in rich narration how she embodied soul’s guidance, connected deeply with God/Source/Divine Presence and found in her heart the devotion to continuously surrender to the Divine.

“This book is amazing! The author does a great job of finding the words to describe the indescribable journey of awakening. There are so many valuable lessons and insight shared that touch the soul. I could feel my own consciousness expanding as I absorbed the insight being shared. It’s an inspiring story of discovering faith and trust in one’s self and things bigger than self. It has been so helpful to shed insight into my own awakening process and to know that we are not alone on the path.” ~ Lindsay Benson, M.S., LPC

“If you’re on a journey of spiritual awakening or are considering to go down that path, this is your perfect companion. The book is very detailed about the spiritual unfolding and trials and tribulations along the journey. What a jewel! I’ll be buying more copies for those near and dear and lost in need of loving light force. Thank you for sharing your story.” ~ GC

“This book was a page turning mystery…’what is going to happen next?’! An amazing intimate journey, which I believe will continue. Thank you for sharing such honesty and insight with the reader.” ~ SW

“Lotus Lindley’s awakening from the dream is a beautifully written companion book to your own awakening journey. She is an insightful and eloquent writer. I found several similarities between her path and my own. In fact it gave me new insight into some things that I had experienced more than 20 years earlier. She published this book at just the right time, when more and more people are awakening and beginning their own ascension. Her words will bring you comfort and the knowing that you are not alone.” ~ BR

“This book helped to normalize many of my own experiences and ultimately had me feeling less alone on my journey.” ~ AM

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