Autumn Equinox ~ a Sacred Portal into Darkness

Here we are dancing in the energies of Equinox season. In the Northern Hemisphere we’re entering the portal of darkness. In the Southern part of the world, the portal is open for increased light.

For most here on this page, you are feeling the stirring of encroaching night. But first we will cross the threshold of balanced polarities that invite us to contemplate, rejoice, and hold the frequency of Gratitude.

Autumn Equinox comes for us on Thursday evening, September 22 in North America. On the surface of life, we get to celebrate all that bounty of this year thus far. This bounty may be successes in the physical world or plans that have manifested stunning blooms. We rejoice in the harvest of a garden, receptivity of blessings, and enjoy the fruits of our labor, in whatever form it takes.

If we take this a little deeper, leave the topside world and connect with Soul, we may acknowledge our emotional and spiritual growth. Feel the depth of intimacy as we’ve learned to love ourselves through healing, development of inner truth, and embodiment of our Soul presence, as we allowed ourselves to shine in the Brightness of our Being through the year.

Simultaneously, because this is a liminal space of spiritual energies flowing onto the planet through a very thin veil, we are present in both the light and dark. This is the sacred portal threshold that, if we are called to, we may sensitize more fully to not only the physical or spiritual harvest, but we are also in preparation for the longer nights ahead.

As much as we celebrate the harvest we’re on the precipice. We face the balancing of the light/dark; day/night; masculine/feminine; life/death; the harvest/the dissolving. We take the energy that has been looking ‘outside,’ active, energized, and begin to bring it home into the sacred center to explore our ‘within.’ The ascent of life force that has been expressed outward, like the leaves and branches of the trees, become our descent into the preparation for death, to deepen & strengthen our roots.

The Autumn Equinox is a time of magic. Day and night are in equal balance. We can experience the inner and outer, all polarities at once, if we make space for the living teachings pouring through into our Heart-Soul.

The invitation as we cross over, after the celebration is a time to put onto the shelf all unfinished or dying creations to rest. Perhaps all that did not bear fruit will require honored moments of disappointment or sadness. All that was not in divine alignment may either dissolve or simply be allowed to regenerate when the sun returns to birth once again. The seasons, if we commune with the wisdom of the Mama Nature’s elementals will guide us below the surface for looking within, taking stock, let go into resting, and the nourishment of ones Soul.

The nights will get longer, the temperatures will cool, leaves will become radiant in their death, branches will become barren, and critters will burrow away, as life shifts directions into the deepening darkness.

The invitation, dear ones, is to step back inside yourself on Wednesday & Thursday. Slow down, set some time aside through the evening to give thanks for all of Life and the gifts of Death. Become open to the Grace flowing forth from the celestial realms, the higher Light, that will be planting within your Heart-Soul, seeds of new creations.

Don’t expect to birth them or even know what’s being planted … simply let go, rest deep, dismantle & dissolve into the mounting sacred darkness.

Wednesday evening will be our monthly Moon-time Meditation on the Crescent Moon phase. See Events page for info & to register … audio replay will be available in unable to join us live.

In Loving Release ~