Yoga Nidra for Divine Co-Creation

Do you find yourself desiring a greater expanding field of creativity, happiness & manifestation of your passion & purpose? Have you recognized the stages/ phases of your awakening journey yet, desire a deeper connection to divine guidance? Do you understand & know that you able to receive the constant upgrading, influx of energies effecting humanity … Continue reading Yoga Nidra for Divine Co-Creation

We Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Over the years, many of the Ascension way showers have been paving the way and preparing for this time that we have entered into. Did we know the details? No. But we did know that things would get topsy-turvy & wavy-gravy! We also knew the funeral pyres of the old world paradigm would flare & … Continue reading We Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Divine Frequency Meditations & Monthly Events

Welcome to Art of Sacred Embodiment & New Earth Celebration events! Please peruse the event page, which will be edited each month to reflect our sacred offerings. All that is shared is for the raising of our frequency, the opening of our hearts, the Homecoming of our Soul Presence, & the upliftment of humanity. The … Continue reading Divine Frequency Meditations & Monthly Events