Season of Transformation into Love

For those feeling the the shifts rapidly taking place, choosing to rise to expanded awareness, saying Yes! to the new paradigms~ We are traveling deep & wide, far beyond our imagining, by surrendering to our Majestic Selves, returning Home through divine remembering. By enlivening within, the frequencies of Love, Gratitude, Joy, & Peace, we're choosing … Continue reading Season of Transformation into Love

11:11 Portal Infusion

So, how are you all doing? How've you been feeling the last couple of days, as we approached & entered into the 11:11 Ascension Portal? I'd love to hear how you're feeling if you'd like to comment below. Well, I'd hoped to make a post in support of all of you for these energies. But … Continue reading 11:11 Portal Infusion

InToMeSee ~ Intimacy

The process of Sacred Embodiment is introducing us to deeper levels of intimacy. The Wikipedia dictionary definition of Intimacy states: An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Although an intimate relationship is commonly a sexual relationship, it may also be a non-sexual relationship involving family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. As I've been exploring deeper embodiment of self-love and the … Continue reading InToMeSee ~ Intimacy