Sacred Soul 2022 Reflection Cacao Journey/Gathering

As we move toward the closing of 2022, my sense is that for most of this has been an intense year in very unique ways for everyone. I know we could say that this is true for the last couple of years from the time Covid struck. This year though seems to have had it’s own distinct vibe that felt like it’s been purifying all areas of life, personal & collective that are not meant and really simply not able to follow us into the higher frequencies that 2023 is going to bring.

For me it’s been a very intense and challenging year. And thankfully I entered into 2022 feeling called to anchor, deeply embody and integrate the teachings of the prior 7-ish years. I was guided in magical ways to Biomancy University founded by Dr. Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand. I began immersing myself in their work since a year ago in November, becoming a formal student in May. These teaching assisted in a much needed anchoring and grounding.

What they have brought into my world has been life changing, and I’m only half way through the program! One of the most profound aspects of this year for me is the way their work, passion, and deeply embodied wisdom has been a powerful reflection of the path I’ve been on, only now I have science to back up my intuitive knowings, direct experiences, and more!

The immersion will continue as I know they will take me even deeper still through the winter into the Spring. That being said, the dots that have been connected, my embodiment path that previously had no words, and my Heart-Soul guidance is readying to begin birthing anew.

I’m truly honored to be offering a very special gathering on Sunday, December 18th, at 2 pm, for all who feel called to journey with the heart expansion of IxCacao. We will be calling in the plethora of blessings to support our readiness to enter into 2023. This time together will allow us to reflect on, meditate on, journey with all the years lessons, experiences, challenges, and integrate and celebrate the sacredness of our lives, embodying the wisdom … in all of the ways it shows up.

We will invite in the qualities of the Waning Crescent Moon phase to assist us, as we go into the dark of Winter Solstice on the 21st. Come prepare for the return of Light!

Please see details & RSVP information on the New Earth Celebrations Event Page.

Looking forward to a beautiful year ending with you!


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