Floating in Liminal Spaces

This writing finds me slowly exiting almost a full month of liminal spaces.

Liminal space, psychologically speaking = A liminal space is a point of transition. It’s the middle ground between two grounds, the mid-structure between two structures. When you’re in a liminal space, you’re neither here nor there, neither this nor that.

February has been laden with being brought to my knees, broken this heart, and invoked a deep soulful, next leveling initiation of sacred intimacy. With the potency of the 2222’s this month, the dismantling of old Earth magnetics, and the now uninhibited flow of cosmic & solar Light of the Feminine, we are birthed anew, following death.

There’s no need to delineate the numerous timelines that have collapsed over the last 25 days, however they were all leading into one, very significant, very unexpected, timeline that I could no longer travel as a life stream.

The portence of this specific collapse began on January 23rd, according to my journal. As I was sitting with my sweet Moki, having what I called face-time with him. These were the many moments when he asked for my presence and we would eye-gaze, I’d sing to or talk with him.

During one such face-time, I was told by guidance, “THIS is what matters. This connection, these moments of being Divine Love, tenderly tending to Life. There is nothing at this time that is more important ~ work, creations you think you need to be doing, none of that matters now. THIS, he is the priority.” Little did I know the weight this held, and I obliged to truly tuning into Moki’s needs, deepening our intimacy and sacred bond even more, to the best of my ability.

Along with this direction, I continued to actively infuse my overarching living intention, as my focus throughout my days. This is the true north that guides my life & that I surrender to, consistently:

“Divinely Align me, with my highest Ascension trajectory, for New Earth reality, for my Highest Good & the Highest Good of All.”

Throughout this past month, many inner shifts were taking place and I was feeling, sensing, seeing, the new timelines forming in the higher realms. They were calling & guiding and I surrendered with the devotional YES! to my evolution.

It was February 9th/10th that the timelines of what the old life stream had been and the new timeline now forming, as the seeds planted began to sprout. Very quickly, my beloved companion hit an edge of rapid decline from degenerative hip disease, that had not been evident in November when he received his senior check up. Within a week, as of last Friday the 19th, this being was so beautifully put to rest held in my arms, with songs of love and Light Language being sung, softly in his ear.

From the time he returned home from his last vet appointment, which also determined that he most likely had a cancer somewhere undetectable, that had been causing some other issues that had been ‘mystery issues.’ *** No being on this planet escapes Ascension. ***

He and I dove deep into the liminal space together. We began to live in the arms of the Divine Feminine, supported by the powers of the Cosmic Mother and Primordial Mother, who had begun appearing to teach me just days before he began slowing down.

With the Grace of these energies, I created the sacred container to hold us both as we played, to the degrees he could, we laid together, we eye-gazed, snuggled under blankets, watched life go on outside, and warmed his bones in the sun.

Our container was silent. I was guided to not put on music, even soft music. He was on medication for any pain, and in his true spirit, he was happy and alert and smiley. I didn’t leave his side for long, as it was clear he couldn’t relax completely if I wasn’t close by. Byron came to visit and stayed with us his last 2 nights, which perked his wind-mill tail into action, brought added security of his pack being together, smiling and loving his dads presence.

Time stopped for that week. We were held in a cocoon of both death and rebirth; forms were breaking down in order to restructure in another time and space; he drifted off into some other realm or slept increasingly.

The sitting with all of his qualities … gentle, funny, wise, observant, ever-so loving, pure, being that he was waved over me with so much love, privilege, and tears. He was a people-person for sure. He loved everyone and always expected he would be loved. He helped all sessions, greeted everyone at the door and in event circles. He ran away from flies; wanted to commune with the bunnies and squirrels. He wanted to go on dozens of walks a day if he could. And as all labs, he loved food. There are of course a myriad of stories, as any parent of human or animal has to tell. He enriched my life in an abundant of ways and my love will always be with him.

I’m so grateful to those who knew him, that loved him and always welcomed his special presence. I was SO blessed to be with this boy for the last 3 years.

The beauty and richness of Life is often missed as we have been conditioned to speed around in mundane doing-ness. We also are not taught how to truly hold the depth of intimate connection, especially when the heart is breaking into pieces. This is the realm of the Sacred Feminine. These are the initiations that strengthen Soul Presencing, from a raw heart that knows the depth of Love we are capable of.

Though I have sat bed-side with the dying, including being present with my father as he left his body in October, this experience was the deepest dive, for the longest period of time, and the richest, because of the devotion I was guided to embody, for the passing of this soul, that was Moki.

Perhaps too, it’s easier to hold this space for a non-human being. There’s less muddled and distorted emotions, beliefs, memories.

For me, the purity of this time enabled me to sink into a world that I don’t have words for and maybe the soul sanctifies them by not being able to speak them.

When this boys soul began leaving the body, it was so expansive, strong, and overwhelming. I stepped outside just to gain my own equilibrium from his presence. His body stayed with me for 24 hours. I used this time to continue to work with his transition from this plane, from identity as a dog and whatever he carried in attachment or wounding from this life.

He was around in a way I could perceive for 2 days, still enlivening some endearing behaviors. As his presence has lessened, as that timeline has continued to collapse, my own adjustment emotionally, psychologically, and physically in my home has been both painful from the loss of my constant companion and child, as well as allowing the new potentials to actualize from the new timeline I’m stepping into.

It became more clear with each passing day, that the timelines that this one’s Soul was preparing to embody, would not support the life-stream that Moki needed. When we evolve with the knowing that what is transpiring is for the highest good of all, it sometimes means that another’s highest good, may be to transition to a whole new plane of reality.

As we mature spiritually and gain continued experience and understanding, we can hold both the human heart ache and the higher knowing simultaneously. Completely surrendering the one we love to their next journey, without clinging to them, the memories, their things, or wishing for life to return to what was, is gift we offer them and ourselves. We set each free from being trapped in the subtle energies of previous time-lines and support the collapse of what was. This can be hard on the human heart. And, it is a powerful practice in mastery of surrender, faith, trust, and the momentum of creation.

Today, as the sun emerges … Thank God/Goddess! I am finding less intense moments at my personal wailing wall. I’m balancing clarity with mourning. The liminal cocoon is beginning to rebirth me, with wings slowly outstretching.

This 2222 portal will go down in my personal history as one of the most powerful experiences of transformation, thus far. Everything has changed, as I exit February.

I send out so much love & gratitude to all of you who sent your love and support during this time. Many of you helped him move on with your prayers and love. Thank you.

The guidance that I received, encouraging me to more deeply connect to this being, I am so grateful for. I had no idea what was around the corner and I have no regrets. The opportunity has given me an initiation beyond this event, of what it means for me to live in sacred intimacy, guided by my own deep feminine nature, wisdom, and presencing.

This is the power of initiation that we all are invited into, again and again, which connects us more deeply with ourselves and all of Life.

Blessings to All Beings ~


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