Interconnectedness of Descension

Here we are in the middle of Eclipse Season and landing in our bodies, as our Ascension is becoming a very pronounced Descension into Sacred Embodiment. Little did I realize a decade ago, how many layers & levels of Sacred Embodiment lay ahead. And indeed it is an artistry of our inner & outer landscapes, in which we are both the individual painter, as well as a part of the collective pieces of art expressing in the world, through our power of creation.

When I look at what I’ve been creating this last month, well, lets just say I’ve had to do some fine-tuning of my perspective/perception. My creations are tumbling old foundations, for the flourishing of the rebirthing ones. Many feathers have been ruffled and agitated as this landing more firmly into the depth this sacred vessel that is this body, has been underway. While I’ve ridden the spiraling of Ascending & Descending for years, this descension is by far the most profound.

As is always the story at this time on our quickly evolving planet, the ever-growing Light quotient/ frequency potency is truly impacting many people on a very physical level right now. I talked a bit about it in the last blog & in the latest pre-recorded class, listed on the events page, “Sacred Embodiment Activation.”

One of the things being taught through the Sacred Feminine lens, is that of relationship with all that is happening. Developing a deepening of intimacy, the sacred intimacy I refer to often, with all the nuances & subtleties being experienced.

Coming into relationship, practicing relational presence, enables us to remain embodied rather than disconnecting from Life and life experiences, especially those that may feel taxing or full of tribulation. This is where we weave the interconnectedness that is present with everything.

This next level of descension is cultivating the feminine relational intimacy. I’ve had some fascinating opportunities to practice this through my awakening journey. They have mostly come in the form of physical imbalances, ‘illnesses’, in which the Divine has forced me to surrender in relationship with my body what is moving through me. It has never failed to be full of magic. This most recent bout has felt even more powerful, as I am now consciously choosing to dive into this deep inner realm of interconnectedness with what is showing up. And when I do, I find Love.

I’m reveling in this next level morphing of what I’m being called to share & support as our Ascension is Descending, into the myriad of Sacred/Divine Feminine expressions, within our own archetypal, Soul blueprints and in Her rising & healing on this planet.

To dive deeper, reach out!

With Deepening Love ~