Dr. Michael Lennox  
Author/Astrologer/Dream Interpretation
“Lotus is the REAL DEAL in energy work and healing.  I first met her through a friend gifting me with a session.  It was an amazing experience and her ability to move energy is very strong and focused.  When I had an injury that I was working through and wanted to incorporate the energetic perspective into my approach, I returned as a paying client.  I have now worked with her three times and know that I will work with her again. I recommend her work without hesitation both for healing and consciousness expansion.”

dianaDiana Paez

Founder & Creative Director
The Well Multimedia
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lotus. Her overflowing love and wisdom have become an absolute blessing in my life and growth process. From the moment we met I instantly felt an incredible ease, love and comfort, which is unusual when I meet new people. This ease grew even stronger through a series of deep work sessions that up until now have helped me expand immensely simply by showing me the way to clear my own conscious and unconscious blockages, physical ailments, insecurities, and negativity. After completing this series I find myself telling others how I feel so much more aligned, present, inspired and in tune with my body, and most evident of all, a sense of radiant confidence and centeredness stemming from my core. The results of receiving her healing touch and applying her teachings have opened the doorways allowing in much more light, clarity, and deep peace. I feel incredibly uplifted and more harmonious with myself and others. The issues I had in the beginning slowly and comfortably started dissolving after only a few sessions. I’ve also noted better sleep, less stress, more vivid and lucid dreams, a deeper connection with my body and an increase in connection with Divine Feminine energies. Ultimately, Lotus has helped me unravel myself more and more into my authenticity, by gently and lovingly removing layer by layer with the most delicious and luscious aroma touch therapies and reiki healing sessions I’ve ever experienced – only two components of the entire wheel of holistic healing she has in her toolbox. Her style of healing and teaching clearly shows me that I am in complete power of my own personal healing process and transformation, which I love! Wherever you are in your life, there is tremendous value you can gain from her work or just being in her presence alone. I look forward to continue applying her wisdom into my life and cultivating my Best Self yet! I am forever grateful to Lotus and to the Universe for connecting us at the perfect time in my life. She is a true embodiment of pure love and light in my world!”

12419174_772279492877378_6361631444888682506_oMegan Barrella

Founder of Parenting for the Next Generation
“My experience with Lotus’ work was one of my most transformative experiences. Lotus’ shadow work propelled me forward into launching my business and blog. What I had resisted & blocked for most of my adult life was preventing me from moving forward into happiness and abundance. With Lotus’ gentle, powerful support & guidance, I was able to look at my blocks and befriend my shadow. Through this process I was able to integrate parts of myself & my life experiences that I had been unconsciously suppressing. I reclaimed parts of myself that were hidden underneath the blocks. This work is pure liberation! I highly recommend it to all people who are ready to live life to their fullest potential and embrace their life purpose. Thank you, Lotus!”


Ana Thompson
Owner of Bird & Mirage/ Florabundance
“I began working with Lotus during a time of undo stress, hoping to relieve some tensions and gain support. Through a personalized program of yoga and meditation, I was able to heal old wounds and patterns, as well as, wake up to a new understanding of myself and Spirit. With her intuitive guidance, sensitivity and grounded approach, I discovered so much more!


11391214_349040718639853_6121366060565270978_nBlaire Chandler
 I have not only received treatments from Lotus, I have referred her to many of my closest friends, and each has come away slackjawed at how much better they felt following a treatment with her. Further, I’ve had extraordinary breakthroughs, emotionally and physically, almost immediately on the heels of each session.  She is an extraordinary healer, a very gentle spirit, and the most intuitive Reiki practitioner I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience.


10012091_10206452027881929_5741490668446028277_oAbigail Barella

Intuitive Healer
owner Abigail Barella | Portland Intuitive Healing
“Working with Lotus has been amazing and very nurturing.  I know that I can always turn to a trusted healer in times of need, not all healers are as pure as Lotus.  We all get blocked in certain areas and if we ignore these they then turn into illness to get our attention.  Doing this work with Lotus has cleared many blocks for me.  When she did a session for me I felt her energy sweeping out the debri like a little fairy with a broom.  And she recently worked with my son which has eased a turbulent time for us.  I can not recommend Lotus enough. “

12764327_224320524580842_4462843918048941061_oChelsea Gross

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
founder of Nutrition with Chelsea
“Lotus is truly a special person, and has helped me in so many ways. I originally sought out help for chronic back pain and was interested in reiki, but our time together turned out to be so much more. I felt comfortable with Lotus from our very first encounter. She has opened my eyes to patterns in my life I was never aware of, offered amazing comfort and advice, and given me endless tools and insight to be able to move forward with things that have been holding me back all my life. She spends as much time with me as I need, never rushes me, creates a warms and comforting space to open up in, and exudes warmth and kindness. I leave every session feeling a million times better and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day with a new perspective. Since working with Lotus I’ve started to look at things in a whole new way. I feel lucky to have met her, and honored that she’s put so much of herself into helping me in anyway that she can. She is truly special, and I would recommend her to anyone. I am so happy I found her.”


anishAnish VonAhlefeld

owner of Huckleberry Resources
Creative Director at In2itive Search
“Lotus has had a profound impact on my life. She is not just a healer and teacher, but a spiritual guide. She has worked with me to get through events and circumstances that sometimes are very difficult but also the small, nagging stuff – both physical and emotional pain. You cannot ask for a better human being!”   


Holly Borden Sacks  
Black-belt Nia Instructor
“I met Lotus in dance class and was impressed by her gentle strength and centeredness.  I began I began sessions with her receiving Reiki and Yoga Nidra.  When I cam to that first session, I had very little energy and feelings of sadness. As the session progressed I felt so nurtured and loved that I was able to let go of all the sadness I was holding inside. I left feeling centered and balanced.  Now I see Lotus weekly!”

541611_106238512910228_1715250418_nBrandon Stewart
Contact Improvisation Facilitator
“Working with Lotus was gentle yet very powerful. With intuitive inquiries and invitations, Lotus took me straight into the depths of my core childhood wound. From this place I was able to see exactly what that child needed and to be there for him/ myself in a way that no one else could. I felt a deep sense of self love and lightness in my whole being. I feel that this deep work is the pathway to re-writing these core stories we hold so deeply.”



susan wibergSusan Wiberg
“I had the great pleasure of working with Lotus for 7 months and benefited from the healing   modalities she offers.  Lotus is a wonderful teacher and healer. She has a wealth of knowledge and is  able to ground that insight into very practical reflections. Our time together has transformed my life in many ways.  My relationships have improved on many levels and I feel more peace than I have ever experienced.  Lotus’s encouragement to expand and grow was just what I needed at this time in my life. I have been able to strengthen my voice and grow in confidence.  I have learned how to be more neutral and non-reactive to the experiences in my life and become more honest with myself and others, more genuine.  Lotus’s commitment to helping others runs deep and she will always be able to help others with great kindness, respect and heart-felt love.”

Barbara Allen 

Owner, Artisans of Travel
“In my search to find my heart, soul and spirit, Lotus was put in my path. She gave me insight to see my inner Self and learn to make peace-most of the time- with the heart churning conflicts that can be faced daily. She is a true Soul healer.”

Chris Cuellar

Computer Software Development
“With your guidance, I feel that I am able for the first time to feel the benefits of a meditative practice. The work we’ve done that emphasizes ‘letting go’ of control and stepping back from my reactions and moving into observer mode has greatly improved my ability to deal with not only major bouts of chronic depression, but even just day-to-day stress. With each session, I learn new cognitive, emotional and  tools that help me to process my experience with more clarity. I’m slowly learning to identify all the ‘stories’ that I am constantly reciting to myself subconsciously and that I’ve always taken for granted as being ‘true.’ I feel like I’m developing a new awareness of my body and a new ability to listen clearly and patiently to what it really needs, rather than always trying to tell it what it needs.”


Linda Hardy
“I  have had the privilege of working with Lotus in her private sessions.  My original visit was a gift from a friend who thought Lotus could help me.  My medical problem is now resolved and I learned some very important tools to help me with my physical and emotional help now and into the future.  Lotus is a skilled and compassionate healer. I always felt safe and taken care of in her presence. Through a variety of modalities, Lotus has helped me move from wounded and in pain, to freedom of movement which I haven’t felt in a long time.  She has taught me to trust the healing power of my body and how to support a positive transformation.”