Living In-Love with Life

Here we are at the 2:2 Portal which amplifies the power of Love, Gratitude, Creation, & Divine Union. These energies are strong through February 22 (2:22) and are here for us to up-level through the power of Love. Reflecting back on this portal last year, my focus, frequency and alignment for the highest good for … Continue reading Living In-Love with Life

Love, the Foundation for New Earth

As we begin to move forward into 2023, it's now time to begin sharing the teachings that have been guiding me for the last 4-plus years. The beloved team from the higher realms, along with my own Higher Self wisdom, form a collective that I call Guidance of the Light. My journey of initiations from … Continue reading Love, the Foundation for New Earth

Reclaiming Our Soft Feminine

Dancing in the throes of the inner feminine and masculine energies has been an ongoing, unknown, imbalance for me for decades. My guess is it's been the same for most of humanity, at least in developed countries. This culture has been disconnected from our deeper relationship to the earth, the cosmos, moon, stars, sun, and … Continue reading Reclaiming Our Soft Feminine

Cosmic & Primordial Grandmothers

It's been almost year since these powerful energies stepped firmly into my life. They came spiraling into my home space, recalibrating the previous divine blueprint that had been activated 4 years before. My home is my temple. The Sacred Temple lives both in the physical structure of where I live my daily life, the physical … Continue reading Cosmic & Primordial Grandmothers

Seasonal Initiation for Mastery

The seasons of Fall & Winter are upon those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. As most know, the invitation is to begin to release, let go, and surrender, all that is ready to fall away, like the leaves of the trees. For those that live in areas of visible and tangible seasons, where the … Continue reading Seasonal Initiation for Mastery