As a Wayshower, Lightworker and author, Lotus Lindley assists the Awakening and Ascension process. As a Shakti-Kundalini Embodiment guide and a Multi-dimensional Healer, she channels Light Language Activations and supports those who feel called to deepen their experiential wisdom through Embodying Light Mentorship and Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership.

Lotus offers practical guidance and multi-dimensional methods to assist your Sacred Awakening journey. May your path deepen and your heart bloom as you remember and embody the Divine radiance that is You!

When we choose to transform our trials and tribulations into our strengths and gifts…
We Bloom

When we realize, despite all of the inner and outer noise, that all of our joy and peace lies within…
We Radiate

When we rise to the surface from the murky waters to Self-Love and meeting the Divine…
We Embody

Lotus has been on the path of her awakening journey since 1996. She’s been a wayshower, experiencing many of the spiritual shifts personally prior to the collective shifts. As a wayshower and lightworker, her mission has been to directly experience the raising of consciousness through her own embodiment process in order to assist others upon their time of readiness.

Through a fiery Kundalini process that evolved into the Ascension Process and many phases/stages in between, she carries the Love and Wisdom imparted by Direct Experience.

That which stifles your highest Truth and separates you from your Divine Beauty,
I help you to dissolve it.

That which keeps you from discovering the Wisdom of your Heart,
I help you see clearly in order to access it.

That which snuffs out your Sacred Flame,
I help you to reveal it, so that you may burn brighter.

Humanity is experiencing a collective spiritual awakening that is also the next jump in our evolution.  As a pure conduit, Lotus is dedicated & devoted to the awakening of higher consciousness through mentoring, quantum/multi-dimensional energy work and activating the hearts of others to better receive the frequencies of Divine Love.

One of her gifts is the ability to break down the esoteric, lofty, vast experiences of Ascension into bite-sized, practical terms. She assists others in understanding how this fits into their lives and how to anchor and integrate the mass influx of energies coming onto Earth/Gaia at this time.

Evolution of our Spirit is an embodiment process of expanded consciousness and heart-centered reality of a multi-dimensional nature. This alters everything we know about our lives and ourselves. And it all takes place through the Sacred Technology that is the human body.

Lotus’ Soul purpose is to help those who feel called to travel their path of awakening consciously, committed and engaged with their deepest divine yearnings with greater ease, grace & love.

Inspiration of Soul and Heart is enlivened in me through being of service to the transformation in another. I am called to assist you in accessing your fullest bloom, your most radiant light, your Highest True Self.

Core Teachings:

  • Going within and connecting to your Sacred Center/Sacred Foundation.
  • Embodying Self-Love, transforming suffering and pain into Self-Acceptance and Self Honor.
  • Divinely Aligning to your Highest Truth.
  • Activating your Divine Blueprint, your Soul Purpose and Passion written in your heart.
  • The Body as a Sacred Technology, you are living Divine Vessel.
  • Know Thy Self as a Divine Human, always connected to Source Love.
  • Inner Marriage/Inner Alchemy of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
  • Sacred Intimacy & Relationship
  • Practices and techniques to raise frequency, understand multi-dimensionality and embody the Highest Expressions of you.

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