Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm

How do you feel when you’re in the flow?

What does your body & emotions feel like, when you’re relaxed?

When do you feel most connected to Divine Source/ Soul/ Highest Self?

Do you have a desire to cultivate a life of feeling in your personal Sacred Rhythm?

As natural time flow would have it, I’ve been inspired to create this article and class since November. However, the time wasn’t divinely aligning, as taught in the 4 Sacred Keys course. In a world where our lives are governed by clocks, schedules, calendars, obligations, responsibilities, deadlines, start-times, & other peoples timelines, it’s no wonder those of us in highly developed societies have lost track of our personal, sacred, inner Soul-flow.

We could look at 2020 as being an important marker in history, when the artificial, fast paced rhythm most of us had been accustomed to as ‘normal life’ got interrupted. The consistent output of energy into going-doing, appointments, previously normal time spent in over packed schedules, went into a pause.

This pause jangled some peoples nerves. The lack of busy distractions, as well as the relief of activity pressure, set a new tone for all of us, if we chose. This last year gave us all the gift of taking a closer look and reassessing how we’ve been living our lives.

The timing in my perspective is no mistake, in conjunction with the awakening/Ascension process ramping up at the end of 2020 & continuing its quickening into this year. Historically spiritual teachings and practices have always been guide posts to accessing the ‘zone’ of natural time, organic time, Mother Nature’s sacred rhythms, yet became over ridden with hard wired programming.

While the practices have been embraced by the mainstream culture, we turned those teachings into yet another ‘thing to do,’ another slot in our calendar to fill, one more activity to add to our schedule, missing the deeper experiential reality of Spirit/Soul presencing.

As the frequency of the planet rises … continuously, as consciousness expands, and as we connect multi-dimensionally, Natural Time is one of the primary bridges to enable the very awakening we seek. Or the awakening that is seeking us.

Time& space are morphing and altering. We are being re-wired into a whole new rhythm and flow. Yet, we also have choice whether to cling onto artificial time/timelines or learn how to divinely align with Natural Time, which is in essence, your own Sacred Rhythm.

In the January’s upcoming class Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm, we’ll be exploring the following topics which support new earth living, and learn some practices to support re-creating your life to support this new paradigm of flourishing & thriving:

How NT & SR supports health & vitality

It’s power to deepen connection with Soul & Source

Accesses higher dimensional living

Becoming more Sacredly Embodied

Opens channels of creativity

Strengthens intuitive living

Enables the new paradigm of divine, heart-centered co-creation

Entering into the Profound Spaces in-between activity

Rebalances the Nervous System & Brain Hemispheres

And more!

This will be a 90 minute – 2 hour class, that is pre-recorded to support your sacred rhythm.

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm

Energy Exchange $25.00

Also see Art of Sacred Embodiment Library

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*** It will also be a suggested pre-requisite for the upcoming course: Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership ***

As we move into 2021 we’re in a whole new playing field which is very exciting! The opportunities to live from very new paradigms are knocking at the door of our hearts. We will each get to choose whether we answer & if we desire to step over the threshold!

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm is the next level stage I’m here to share & I’m honored to do so with all who are feeling the YES! of this coming year.

Expanding Love through Higher Living,