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Explore Ascension Sensitivities PDF 

Ascension Sensitivities (Symptoms) are felt experiences in the physical body, which I call our Sacred Technology. We will also feel shifts in the emotional, mental, spiritual aspects of our beings as we evolve along the path of Ascension. Having a basic understanding of what could be experienced can bring a peace of mind and inform how best to care for one’s self during the awakening journey. This is a short list of many possible sensitivities you may encounter.

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm Class

Available here, on YouTube

As we continue our Ascension journey, our time is morphing into a more organic, natural time, flow. This is affecting our consciousness and how we operate in the world. This class offers assistance, guidance and explores the harmonizing effects on our health and heart.

Meditations & Practices

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Classes & Workshops

These courses will lead you through some of the basic stages & phases of the Ascension process. I’ve distilled down the key points that I’ve learned over my journey of a couple decades to make this often ambiguous path seem more tangible.

These classes are designed to strengthen your understanding, confidence, faith and trust in your self and in the transformation that will be experienced, along your Ascension journey. Please scroll below to read testimonials and learn more about what others have experienced.

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Deepening Your Ascension Experience
$33.33 for 2 class series
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Class 1: Understanding Timelines
This first video class offers a greater understanding of timelines, also understood as memory or life streams. You’ll learn what timelines are, how to clear old timelines that no longer serve you, and how to co-create a higher frequency/consciousness life by navigating timelines based on conscious choice.

Class 2: Accessing Your Highest Self
This video class explores an understanding of Highest Self as well as exercises to support recognizing and sensitizing to one’s Highest Self aspects throughout the Ascension Journey.

4 Sacred Keys of Ascension Course
$88.88 for 4 class series

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Module 1: Sacred Centering/Sacred Grounding
Sacred Centering is the first module in a 4 class series that supports those in the beginning stages of spiritual awakening. Creating a foundation for the awakening process brings deeper self-awareness regarding those aspects of our personality/being that undergo the most challenges in this initial stage. A back-to-basics approach invites us to learn what prevents us from being in our Sacred Center. Once we can identify these perceptions/behaviors, we can live our lives from the deeply grounded, clear, soul-connected inner-space of Sacred Centering from a Sacred Foundation with ease & grace.

Module 2: Embodying Self-Love
Embodying Self-Love builds on the back to basics featured in Sacred Centering ~ Sacred Foundation. Self-love is what enables us to truly receive, honor and love ourselves, which is a prerequisite for being able to truly offer this to others. Self-Love goes beyond feeling comfortable or just okay with ourselves. It is the receptivity of the quality of LOVE within our being. It is the deep knowing that we each are precious, innocent, cherish-able and beautiful. If it were easy to access, our world would be a much different place. We are being called, in this day and age, to step up into the commitment to resolve and integrate (heal) the fragmented aspects of ourselves in order to return to the true state of Love. This is where and how we find greater freedom, happiness, balance and joy.

Module 3: Divine Aligning
Divine Aligning is the third class to support your awakening/Ascension process. Now that you’ve been clearing away the confusion and dust of the past and learning to operate from Self-Love, your frequency will be rising and your ability to step into the next stage of Divine Aligning is the natural progression! Divine Aligning guides you into knowing your inner alignment, your own True North, while allowing that always evolving truth to guide you through your life with ease and grace. Divine Aligning is the always shifting intentional up-leveling of the experience called Life. This is where you co-creation artistry is empowered and how your life becomes magical!

Module 4: Activating Your Divine Blueprint
Activating Your Divine Blueprint is the constant access to higher frequencies and realization that you are a Divine multi-dimensional being. By this last class, we’ve built a firm foundation,  understand how to access our inner wisdom and are empowered to move through life based on the higher frequencies of Love. Now, it’s time to learn that we are beautiful creators that can bring change to the world by anchoring into and trusting in our divine connection to Source.

Sacred Shadow Healing Embrace
$25 for 2 1/2 hr class

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The Sacred Shadow is a powerful teacher that is constantly trying to guide us back into our Wholy-Wholeness. And yet, we often have a deep fear and resistance to allowing this face-to-face meeting with this teacher.

During this class, you will learn tools and practices that will enable you to efficiently identify shadow aspects and provide clearing, healing and balancing for yourself, while returning you to YOU!

This format allows you to watch and do the exercises at your own pace. To read more about the healing embrace of the sacred shadow, please visit this blog post.

What are others experiencing? 

“I highly recommend Lotus Lindley’s Four Sacred Keys To 5D Consciousness to anyone who desires to learn, and even more importantly, to EXPERIENCE the foundational elements necessary to more fully EMBODY 5D Consciousness. Since taking this class, I have actually begun to experience a new and different sense of “joy for no reason” and a very palpable sense of more inner Light. Simply put, I am more at home in my own body and Spirit no matter what I am feeling and experiencing. I am also learning to more fully be in touch with and to trust my own Inner Guide(s).” ~ Jeff K.

“I have been working with Lotus for about two years now. Through her guidance I have been able to receive higher insights and come into a higher self. My lifestyle has changed drastically as I practice better self care and am setting healthy boundaries for myself. I sense that people around me are affected by my higher frequencies and seem to be shifting into more positive lifestyles as well. One of my friends stated that she can feel a shift into blissful energy when she turns on to my street. How sweet is that! What has me hooked on Lotus’ workshops is her ability to so eloquently and in detail explain what is happening during our times of ascension and the way the energies are anchoring in my body. Lotus is so gifted and knowledgeable and truly amazing. Thank you for all the great work you do! I feel blessed.” ~ Anne D.

“The information contained in this course was incredibly spot-on, oh-so-timely and immensely helpful. It’s clear that Lotus has lived what she teaches, as the insights & wisdom pour forth effortlessly. She exemplifies the definition of true embodiment. I found these teachings to be not only rich with resonant content and engaging, but they also served to elucidate and validate my own personal experiences, as a spirit housed in a body, in this time of great change. As a result, I feel more grounded and calm in my body, while my spirit delights in the feeling of expanded awareness and perception. I feel immense gratitude to Lotus for these precious gifts.” ~ Cheri A.