Being UnPacked

As some may have noticed, I’ve gone missing from my writings over the last few months.

Life has indeed been full of many shifts & changes. My lesson is consistently to deepen into the inner shift and trust that the outer world will receive the attention I need to give, as it’s needed. This need isn’t answered by what my personality agenda is. More so, when my own Wholy-Wholeness aligns with that need. (BTW … for those who wish to message me regarding my spelling of Wholy- Wholeness or any other ‘mistakes’ made, please save both of our time & energy. I spell or form sentences or punctuate as I feel the flow of energy or expression. I don’t need correction unless it comes from my mother-in-law : ) )

There has been much of an old me falling away from late summer into the Fall. This has included the passing of my father in October, whom I was so grateful to have been sitting with as he passed, along with my sister & brother.

On that tail end was the delivery of many boxes stored in his garage, full of journals & memories. As a friend mentioned, the boxes were un-packing me! How true! I released much of what’s been carried around and energetically cording me to past timelines.

Even my home, which is usually neat & tidy, went through a disheveling all around me. As weeks passed in this way, it began to alert me that I was no longer operating primarily from this 3D dimension. The more I released, the ‘lighter’ I became.

As I cleared, burned, cut, and threw away many pages of myself, my past identifications went up in smoke.

I’ve been in the process of flowing in greater states of Natural Time, Sacred Rhythm, experiencing higher states of Bliss & higher Love, allowing what needs to be done to happen through me, by the deepening of my own Soul presence.

As I walk through my life in this graceful process, I find new inspiration and focus, new expressions of sacred purpose & Divine Aligning calling me into what the Heart-Soul wishes to express as we enter into 2022. There is a rebirthing that I’m ecstatic to be tending to.

This is a call for all of us to allow ourselves to be unpacked. The energies & frequencies are amplifying the higher states of higher dimensional living, New Earth realities. These begin within our own consciousness & heart. The invitation is growing stronger for us to release all that weighs us down, keeps us contracted & in separation from our own depth, and therefore one another.

From my experience, it can feel a bit floaty, unproductive, spacey as we acclimate to the growing consistency of higher frequencies. Yet, we are being anchored into a new way of grounding & centering AS Freedom, AS Life, AS Love.

The recipe is simple: Keep Letting Go. Surrender to Source-Love unpacking you, from who you think you are. Become who you’ve always been!

Creative expansion can flourish from this space as this initiates us into our creator being-ness, operating hand in hand with the Divine, our Divinity.

We are evolving. Life from these new ways of feeling, sensing, & being, will shift dramatically AND subtly. Soften into the Power of the Subtle. That’s where our true strength & divine power exists.

May you have a Peace-filled, Grace-filled Holiday Season,

With Deep Love,


artist: Catrin Weltz-Stein