New Moon Beginnings for the New Year

Grounding deeply ~

Presencing sweetly ~

Envisioning somatically ~

Aligning divinely ~

Creating intimately ~

Inner Alchemizing gracefully ~

Unifying focus-fluidly ~

Activating beautifully ~

Living magically ~

My inner-world has a strong somatic-energetic communication center. Feeling deeply the qualities, energies, frequencies, of personal experience enables a grounded soul-wisdom to guide me. It’s through this guidance system I too, then support others.

Learning to cultivate the wisdom of one’s body, heart & soul, through the higher energetic qualities, creates the ability to embody deeper/higher aspects of ourselves.

Learning to traverse the inner world, as Know Thy Self and Love Thy Self, creates the foundation for harmonious connection and in joyful relationship, with the external world.

We are acclimating more to the energetic blueprint of an Aquarian Age. This brings new paradigms and ways of functioning that are less intellectual, more energetically experiential, and heart-centered.

Coming soon, I’m unveiling a new course that will dive into deeper connections of body-heart-soul. ‘Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership’ will include 3 stages of initiation. Please stay connected to learn more.

In Deep Love ~