Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

Full Moon & Spring Ahead Blessings All ~ The Moon & Spring-time Activation/Amplification was beautiful & strong! ¬†We are being supported in creating new divinely aligned timeline through this portal. So honored to share with you! We are constantly receiving new qualities/expressions of the rising Cosmic-Divine Frequencies onto our planet, as well as flowing into … Continue reading Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

The Morphing of Time

There's a common topic happening more and more these days. Maybe you too are experiencing the focus of these conversations ... the Morphing of Time. I was talking with my best friend the other day about how surreal life is feeling in the past week. Yes, even more surreal than it was feeling last month. … Continue reading The Morphing of Time

From Structured Constriction into Organic Flow

One of the many things of wonder to me, is the drastic shifts in who we are before the awakening journey begins and the myriad of stages & phases along the way as we remember ourselves back into our Wholy-Wholeness. In this stage a leap has occurred energetically into the higher frequency sustainability of consciousness … Continue reading From Structured Constriction into Organic Flow

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm

How do you feel when you're in the flow? What does your body & emotions feel like, when you're relaxed? When do you feel most connected to Divine Source/ Soul/ Highest Self? Do you have a desire to cultivate a life of feeling in your personal Sacred Rhythm? As natural time flow would have it, … Continue reading Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm