May Offerings

Lovelies, May is bringing some active energies with retrogrades, the Cosmic and Solar frequencies are increasing & we enter the Eclipse Season on May 25th, which is the Full Moon in Sagittarius … so hang on and InJoy the ride!

Your pre-recorded Monthly Full Moon Activation full of beautiful, potent Light Language assists you in fully receiving & assimilating these transformational frequencies of Light … information of Love … restoration, code by code, back into the remembrance of the Love you, me, we all are!

The monthly ‘tune-ups’ support the Sacred Technology, that is the physical & subtle bodies in the evolutionary process at hand. Our body is where all the transformation takes place. The Light Language and consciously engaging with these divine forces, enables efficient up-grades, with Ease, Grace, & Peace.

You may also order pre-recorded classes to help support your awakening/Ascension journey from the Art of Sacred Embodiment Library. Classes are listed below, taking you through the stages & phases of your awakening for deeper, clearer connection to the Divine within & all around!


Full Moon Light Language Activation Wednesday, May 25th in Sagittarius

Sliding Scale $10.00 – $20.00

Purchase by Monday, May 24th to receive in your email Wednesday, May 25th

Payments to register for Activation below & please ‘note’ best email to send it to. OR$JamiLindley


Divinely Aligned Next Leveling Rapid Transformation Private Session

For those who are feeling ready to truly up-level, I’m thrilled to offer rapid~transformational~transmision sessions to support your Ascension trajectory in a whole new way. I’m integrating & intermingling all the teachings I’ve shared thus far over the last few years. As you climb the rungs of the ladder, You & Your Life transform. The assistance is here, both seen & unseen to uplift all who are ready to be uplifted! 

Divinely Aligned Next Leveling is the expression of support that I’m here to share right now during the quickening year of Ascension. See the overview & heading links to see a snippet of what your journey will include.

Private sessions will include: 

4 Sacred Keys to Ascension

Sacred Centering ~ Sacred Grounding
Falling into Self-Love
Divinely Aligning 
Activating Your Divine Blueprint

Sacred Intimacy & Inner Alchemy for Divine Co-Creation

Utilizing Elemental Alchemy 
Integrating the Inner Sacred Feminine & Masculine 

6 Weekly Sessions ~ 90 minutes 
$404.00 for 6 Session Package ($528.00 value) Split payments available.
$88.00 per a’la carte sessions 

Contact me directly at


Additional Support Classes are available. Please view the links for each class for details & registration.

Sacred Shadow Healing Embrace 1 class $25.00

If you haven’t yet learned to identify your shadow (patterns/ behaviors/ thoughts that don’t serve your happiness, freedom or joy) ways of operating OR how to actively dismantle them, this is an important class to use regularly until you’ve mastered this ability.

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm 1 class $25.00

Learn how Natural Time supports New Earth living, and learn some practices to support re-creating your life to support this new paradigm of flourishing & thriving in your own flow, your Sacred Rhythm.