The Morphing of Time

There’s a common topic happening more and more these days. Maybe you too are experiencing the focus of these conversations … the Morphing of Time.

I was talking with my best friend the other day about how surreal life is feeling in the past week. Yes, even more surreal than it was feeling last month. As time continues to morph into more fluidity, carrying higher frequencies, and ushering those of us who are ready & willing to surrender to this flow, we’re heading into the New Earth realities.

This isn’t necessarily seen in the external, denser dimensional world. This is because, it begins as a state of consciousness. And then we can either choose to meet it and acclimate to living in these new ways or not.

If we choose not, then we our experience will remain relatively as it’s been, though we are all shifting. The speed, the ease & grace will be different for those surrendered and those not. The paradigm of the the old earth, 3rd & 4th dimensional reality will hold us as long as we desire to remain who we’ve been and believe in the reality we’ve a part of.

If one is remaining in the previous dimensional consciousness, those who are living in the higher dimensional ways, may not even be recognized or noticed as living differently at first. Because it begins within. Or those of us who are living out loud, so to speak, in the new paradigms may look a little crazy to the uninitiated.

I will say, that in the beginning, it does seem easier to remain in the lower density. It’s familiar. We know how it operates. And we understand the rules of a game that at it’s core rely on us being distracted, perceiving life based on lack, scarcity, and needing ‘to do’ in order to survive, and still forgetting who we truly are, just to name a few.

Now, while everyone most likely will have the brain fog, will have the timeline shifts, and will experience some wavy-ness because of the morphing, we all will have many opportunities to let these moments pass or to take a new kind of action, that will allow the new reality consciousness to take root in our heart/body/mind.

One of the biggest challenges is the constant surrendering, that enables Faith and Trust to activate more powerfully. It challenges our ego construct to be put through on-going purifications that waking up entails. This morphing can also be referred to as Natural Time organic time, which invites us into the elemental experience of water, by the Divine Feminine. It can feel formless, unknown, dreamy, unstable, unpredictable.

While we’re in the throes of Natural Time and the morphing of time, we may wonder where our motivation has gone or struggle with doing linear organized tasks. We may feel panic about what this means for our survival, if we don’t snap out of it! Our days slip by as if in a dream state or we may be losing blocks of time all together. We may also do our best to ‘make’ ourselves feel productive, when that is not what the morphing consciousness is guiding us to do.

We are being guided into flow, into inspired action, rather than ego based productivity

The old rules are not going to be the same in the higher levels of consciousness/frequency realities. The ways of creating are very different in higher dimensions and don’t necessarily require the dependency on ‘working’ as we’ve known in the past.

One of the ways I experience this new way is like this: It’s like what we’ve been taught retirement to be like. When we finally have time just to relax, we no longer are expected to be productive, we can do do hobbies that we love, sleep in, and most importantly, no longer running in the fast lane of ‘making a living.’ We can finally let out a big sigh and let go of the old way of living.

When we begin living in this way, we are moved & guided to live, express, create, and thrive from the alignment of our Heart-Soul.

Let me just say, just as making our way to retirement is a process in the old paradigm, learning to live in and with morphing time consciousness is also a process. Retirement is process of getting our ducks in a row ahead of time, in the external world, primarily. This is a reflection of the outmoded masculine dominant way of functioning.

Living in the new paradigm, is a process of preparation of the internal world, that allows our external world to align with the new earth consciousness. This is the incoming, Feminine, re-balancing & harmonizing, living in sustainably healthy, vital, joyful, fulfilled ways.

We’re still in baby stages of this transition. However, the transition is happening NOW. The time to begin is NOW. And part of that beginning, is to recognize that the morphing of time is actually showing you how to make the moves. It’s/She’s asking you to let go of what you are clinging to, each time you realize your fearfully clinging.

It requires A LOT of letting go! Letting go of the ego need to be productive. Letting go of the default programming of survival. Letting go of the belief that we are in control by our ‘doing.’ Letting go of trying to organize and schedule our lives like we did in the past. Letting go of the fears that arise from feeling out of control. Letting go of being externally driven. Letting go of thinking our brain will eventually ‘think’ in the same way again. The list truly goes on, lovelies.

This is the ‘real’ world, rubber meets the road, of this stage of the Ascension process.

Free-fall & Float!

As we head into Spring Equinox, we are going to have ample opportunities to make new choices of living in the feminine wavy-ness of time and surrendering to it, with a beginners mind.

May We Rise to Meet New Earth Living!


art: Michael Parks