Sacred Living

We are always in relationship with all of life forms around us, above and below. We are always in relationship with the energies we resonate with, or not, both consciously and subconsciously. We are always in relationship with the deeper functions of our own human being-ness, our cells, our organs, our blood, our brain, our … Continue reading Sacred Living

Reclaiming Our Soft Feminine

Dancing in the throes of the inner feminine and masculine energies has been an ongoing, unknown, imbalance for me for decades. My guess is it's been the same for most of humanity, at least in developed countries. This culture has been disconnected from our deeper relationship to the earth, the cosmos, moon, stars, sun, and … Continue reading Reclaiming Our Soft Feminine

Seasonal Initiation for Mastery

The seasons of Fall & Winter are upon those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. As most know, the invitation is to begin to release, let go, and surrender, all that is ready to fall away, like the leaves of the trees. For those that live in areas of visible and tangible seasons, where the … Continue reading Seasonal Initiation for Mastery