Divinely Aligned Next Leveling

Greetings & New Moon Blessings, Beauties ~ Here we are, in the flow of many frequency up-grades: New Moon today kicks off Eclipse Season, though the first Eclipse will accompany the Full Moon.All measurements are rising of Solar Flares & Light Codes of Solar Crystalline Geometry as the Sun rays are amplifying. Geometric storms are a flurry. Plasma … Continue reading Divinely Aligned Next Leveling

From Structured Constriction into Organic Flow

One of the many things of wonder to me, is the drastic shifts in who we are before the awakening journey begins and the myriad of stages & phases along the way as we remember ourselves back into our Wholy-Wholeness. In this stage a leap has occurred energetically into the higher frequency sustainability of consciousness … Continue reading From Structured Constriction into Organic Flow

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm

How do you feel when you're in the flow? What does your body & emotions feel like, when you're relaxed? When do you feel most connected to Divine Source/ Soul/ Highest Self? Do you have a desire to cultivate a life of feeling in your personal Sacred Rhythm? As natural time flow would have it, … Continue reading Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm