Deeper Seeing

For pondering ... One of the most challenging shifts in perspective can be the realization that what I see/perceive/believe about what is around me, is because that frequency, first exists within me. If I have a predominant view of the world/individuals as being victims, it is my unmet victim reflecting unhealed powerlessness. If I have … Continue reading Deeper Seeing

Living Joyfully in our Sacred Vehicle ~ the Body

Often times in our culture we're led to exercise, work out, become fit, strong and healthy, because of motivations of suffering. These may be that we've in fact been unhealthy, feeling lack-luster, or have injuries. Many times too, we're unhappy with how we feel in our body or how we look. There is much conditioning … Continue reading Living Joyfully in our Sacred Vehicle ~ the Body

Dancing with Life

How do you dance with Life? How do you move with the push & pulls, the highs & lows? How do you energize through stuckness? How do you calm after stress? Sacred living holds the space for all of life's experiences while simultaneously honing higher, truer, alignment with Source Love... on-going, continuously. I have found … Continue reading Dancing with Life

The Thread of Joy!

The First Fundamental of Nia: The Joy of Movement is the Secret to Fitness. I have found that Nia's teachings have been guiding principles through the years, on & off the 'dance' floor. These practices carry a depth and potential for embodiment that far surpasses any other fitness or workout programs, I've ever come across. … Continue reading The Thread of Joy!

Sacred Simplicity ~ New Earth Reality

Over the last year or two, I've found that the more present I can be, the more connected intimately I can be, the more I feel In-Love with Life. I feel that there are larger numbers of us, as precious humans, awakening in our own way, to our own Soul Song, listening to something higher … Continue reading Sacred Simplicity ~ New Earth Reality