From Structured Constriction into Organic Flow

One of the many things of wonder to me, is the drastic shifts in who we are before the awakening journey begins and the myriad of stages & phases along the way as we remember ourselves back into our Wholy-Wholeness.

In this stage a leap has occurred energetically into the higher frequency sustainability of consciousness and our ability to choose the new paradigms is strengthening. As I was preparing for the class on Natural Time, I’d realized how unlike many versions of my past, limited person-hood I am. It’s easy to forget in some ways how much has changed, as I live more & more in this NOW moment.

However, I will share because I’m sure some will relate to your past identities and who you have become. And no doubt we’ll have the opportunity to do this over & over, as who we are Now, becomes someone very different even a year or two from now.

For most of my life I was VERY structured and required various levels of control over most elements of my life … people, environments, activities. The unknown created anxiety. Unpredictability was unwelcome. Spontaneity was out of the question.

Faith and trust were not even words in my vocabulary, let alone conceptual practices that I found solace in. Being on time for me was being 15 minutes early. Canceling any engagement was unheard of. Any empty space, any moments un-filled in my life were instantly filled with some kind of activity, distraction, noise, or people.

When I was first invited to begin to surrender the safety & security of my boxes & structure, I felt ever so out of control, wavy, dizzy, un-nerved. The invitation, which is a gentle way to say the demand, was not from anything outside of me, but from my own Soul-Song. And it was beautifully, powerfully, relentless.

Through many cycles of clinging/releasing, ranting/wimpering, break-downs/break-throughs, I became accustomed to the increased moments of new freedoms from the confines I’d held myself within.

Fast forward, step by step, I am living in a flow that enables such peace, harmony, and joy. Life is becoming more and more effortless. Everything I need is in each present moment. The embodiment of many spiritual teaching I chased back in the day are enlivening within.

And I’m not the only one. There has been years of recalibration taking place during this Ascension adventure for all who have been saying Yes! We are creating a new way of living that honors all of who we are. The Divine Feminine is teaching us new ways of being and living.

There isn’t any magic pill that manifests this from the outside in. But there are ways to enter into this flow. Once you enter in, it will guide you lovingly, perfectly, in just the way you need.

You are invited to enjoy this class that brings you clarity, practices & activations so that you too can either begin or strengthen your ability to live in Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm. This is an entry point into New Earth, higher frequency/higher dimensional living.

The class is available starting Saturday, January 23rd. Registration to receive it is found here, in January 2021 Offerings.

InJoy Your Sacred Flowing,