New Earth Harmony Zone

As I sit outside on another beautiful, summer morning, the birds are chirping in the tree limbs above & the sun is dancing on the leaves. Gold is the color that shimmers as light everywhere the eye can see. I say over & over, this is the sweetest life ever. And it continually sweetens, almost day by day.

For years the awakening communities have been working towards & waiting to be carried over this threshold of the Golden Age, the New Earth. We’ve been working it! Preparing ourselves, supporting others to prepare themselves. Creating a consistent, strong resonance of Divine Light on the planet, which elevates into the ascended consciousness of Gaia, the New Earth experience.

While of course the polarities are still being experienced by many, for another growing number of humanity, those polar opposites are lessening rapidly, merging in order to birth a New Earth Harmony. I’m calling this the Harmony Zone. By 2024 this way of living, feeling, being, is predicted to be the base level norm for those of us who actively choose this path. These last few months have confirmed in my own experience, the truth of that prediction.

The ease & grace that is afforded to all who decided to leave behind the old paradigms of the lower dimension realities is strengthening. And like all phases & stages, there still remain some fine-tuning & honing our attunement to the divine frequencies transforming us.

The fluidity of Life is becoming more palpable, the more we continually surrender into this Grace. This also is requiring so much un-plugging & deprogramming from the old ways of operating. That can be tricky to navigate, yet it can be done & must be done. Thankfully, there are many of us now who are operating from the new systems. To be clear, the new systems are birthed first, within our own heart & consciousness. Assistance is available for all who need it & choose it, by so many wayshowers already modeling the ways of New Earth living.

The subtlties of this new way of living is still a challenge for me to put words to. I know many of you know what I mean! It’s becoming so clear too, that our creations are falling into place, even before they manifest in the physical. The choice-point potentials can be seen as each timeline is activated, and then we have the opportunity to keep divinely aligning to the Heart-Soul truest desires.

I love feeling the magic of it, though it’s not really magic … it’s just us playing in the quantum realms now!

A couple of years ago the foundation the majority were working from, was simply learning how to ground into our Sacred Center & Fall into Self-Love. That is still the foundation for many just beginning their conscious healing journey. Now I see more & more, that the new foundation is that of Divinely Aligning ~ again, again & again. This is the fine-tuning. Our Divine Blueprint can flip each next level switch of our Soul’s purpose, the more we hone our ever shifting alignment.

If you have yet to master these foundation, I these stepping stones outlined as the 4 Sacred Keys of Ascension found in the ASE Library.

Our next phase, once we’ve mastered coming home to ourselves, is divinely co-creating our lives & living in the New Earth Harmony of higher dimensional reality. And it’s amazing to think, this is still just the beginning of this adventure into the Golden Age/Age of Aquarius.

Though there will still be shedding & clearing of the old ways, we can do that Shadow work quicker now, given the continuously rising frequencies.

The more committed our focus is to truly Living the YES! of our highest good, we can simultaneously choose:

I Am Flourishing & Thriving, Celebrating Joyfully, all the Goodness that Life brings!

Living in this way will automatically bring to the surface what needs to clear. Why?

Because anything that stands in the way of living in divine Freedom will be pushed up, to be removed and to help us activate a new choice. This more conscious choice, based on the first 2 steps of the 4 Sacred Keys are stepping stones that enable access the next leveling for the Harmony Zone & New Earth Living.

If you’re feeling called to come play in this way, I’m here to assist you in up-dating, up-grading your life in order to the cross the threshold, maintain, & continually expand into higher dimensional living in the Harmony Zone, please contact me.

We are here to create & live in a glorious reality for our highest good & that of all!

The processes, stepping stones, initiations, rungs of the ladder, our expansion, will continue. And, we are indeed at a turning point, a tipping point, where Ascending Life is a very real, new reality, being experienced by many, with so much Love, Freedom, Joy, Abundance, & Celebration!

May I see you there!

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In Loving Harmony,