Embracing the Whole

Lovelies . . .
Do you long for the path of Self-Love & Embracing the Sacred within? And yet, do you attempt to divide your inner light & darkness?

Self-rejection takes shape when we judge our self as wrong, bad, not-enough, faulty, etc. When we push it further within or away, when we pretend this aspect of our self doesn’t exist, we simply delay our wholeness & authenticity.

It’s ok. Feel your ‘darkness’ rise forth & give it breath & voice.
Take it gently in your heart. See it for what it is . . . It is a wound coming forth to be revealed & healed, through your love & presence.

It is a Sacred Shadow, ready to be transformed, transmuted & integrated, with conscious compassion. 

When we experience moments of irritation, frustration, judgement, blame or shame, these are simply reactive red-flags showing us to what degree we are separated from the center of our own being & disconnecting from the heart.

Each time, it’s an opportunity & reminder to come back home to the pure essence of who we truly are.

This is the path of becoming Whole & Holy. This is the path of the Sacred Feminine. This is the path to your Truth. And you don’t need to walk it alone.

With Love ~ Lotus

art:: Dennis Nunez Rodriguez


Winter’s Call

Gratitude continues to expand these days for many things. One of which is being in a part of the country with the change of seasons. I’ve always thought of myself as a sun-baby … which I am really, however living both in SoCal/LA & Arizona before that, I have so much appreciation for the clouds, the brisk chill/cold & ironically, I may even welcome snow when it arrives!

Staying in tune with the cycles of Mother Nature have been important for harmonizing & balancing on all levels of my being. Living in mostly perpetual sunshine & heat, for the past years, I felt I had to self-impose the quietude & dormancy my body & mind craved, while all around me the sun energy provoked activity & inspiration.

During the winter, a time of crone-hood, my hibernation felt out of place, with the continuous liveliness of the maiden-sunshine. The death processes that often required long periods of sleep or melancholy, were harder to sink into.

This year, in the mid-west, I feel in sync, in tune, the outer is reflecting the inner. The elements are working in tandem with my energy. As we move toward the Winter Solstice, I’m doing the necessities of the day to day, yet on my days off relishing in naps, going to bed earlier, getting up a little later. Taking baths. Meditating more through out the day. Letting the death process unfold of this highly transformative last year.

There are more layers simply falling away, the more that I enter into ‘just being.’ Once again, I have a place where I can stretch out, snuggle in & do absolutely nothing but watch the clouds. Even though we’ve had some great sunny days, the crispness of the air and the bare trees, remind me to keep letting go. To go within. To slow down. To trust in the wisdom that unfolds from the crone/the wise woman within. Chew the cud of all the lessons learned & allow the soil for the coming spring to grow fertile in this dark time of the year.

I’m grateful for the grace & nourishment that emerges when aligning & balancing to what is true within. This more often than not, means consciously unplugging & deprogramming from the voices/energy of the collective consciousness, that compels us to constantly go & do, strive & distract from the inner quietude that the winter season gently lulls us toward.

Mother Nature is teaching us, mirroring our own nature to us, through her cycles. However it’s up to me/us to glean the wisdom she imparts, not through words or the intellect, but from the body, the heart & Being.

As we move into the longest night of the year, may we all feel the blessings, nourishment & wisdom from our own crone-nature, that speaks to us in the dark quietude of Soul.
 & Winter Solstice Blessings ~



art: Frank Howell

The Path of Surrender pt 3 ~ Embodiment

Embracing the Sacred Feminine and the Path of Surrender is one of great, subtle power. Divine Embodiment is the awareness of the Sacred, within our humanness.

Embodiment requires stages of Surrender to the Highest qualities of Light and Love, within our living temple body. It is this aspect of working with the Sacred Feminine which makes my heart sing!

In our world, we see force and might as power and strength. We view acceptance and surrender as weak and cowardly. Yet, reflecting back to the short exercises in Part 2, was your Will able to make your mind soften & find peace? Most likely, no. Did you notice that by allowing and accepting your minds activity and re-orienting your attention, everything softened in your body and mind? Probably, to some degree. And I can promise, with practice, the results speak for themselves.

It is when we step back from fighting against ourselves, against our judgements, shaming our shame, or our regrets, when a new relationship is seeded within our being.

As we enter into a place of acceptance of our shadow, befriend our darkness, and recognize even that darkness, as a teacher and Sacred, we begin to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and feel with a more expansive heart.

Befriending perceived ‘bad’ ways and acknowledging them with a sense of honor, allows us to create the space to realize that these are simply parts of ourselves which need healing, integration, listening to. Sitting in this allowance, deepens our understanding and compassion, opening us up to inner peace, regardless of circumstances.

This is the Sacred Feminine power. She brings inner peace to the longest waging war. The wars within our own being. When we stop waging against our self, we stop waging wars with others around us. This may sound like an over simplification to the use of the word war, given all of the circumstances today. However, there wasn’t a mistake in the teachings of all of the great, luminous minds throughout time, who have spoken this same sentiment. We must love ourselves, before we can love our neighbor. We must find peace within, so we can create peace without.

One of the Divine Mysteries of Sacred Feminine, centers around a return to the body. Returning to the sensuousness of Life, of our whole range of emotions, to the cycles of Life and Death, to the sacred Presence of every moment.

She indeed calls us within. She asks us to spark our courage to dive in deep, into the depths of Soul, in order to rise into the heights of divine Love.

The inner path creates healing of old wounds through the gentle, tender approach of self-acceptance. For it is in learning acceptance of what is, we see with ease, what needs to be transmuted into self-love. Self-Acceptance & Self-Love are keys to unlock magical doors within our own heart. When these doors are unlocked and opened, our energy and inner light flow more freely. In this freedom, we touch the lives of others, as well as lift the vibration of our world. The body contains these journeys of inner discovery, in which we receive new life, the death of the outworn, and rebirth. When walking with our Sacred Feminine, we are empowered to ride these waves and cycles, with wonderment and awe!

The body is the sacred vehicle in which this transformation takes place. It is the powerful vessel which houses all that we need to ascend into our highest calling, our highest expressions of Self. The body is the sacred house for the Divine Love to be expressed into this world.

Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine is not necessarily a path that all of us are called toward in this life. That being said, there are many of us that are yearning on a soul level for this union of divinity, within our humanity, and there are many others of us experiencing this reality in the present time.

I speak in rhyme, rhythm and flow, for this is how the Mother speaks to our Soul.

We all begin where we are. For those to stepping on the Path of the Sacred Feminine, we transform and we are here to assist the transformation of this world through the higher frequencies of Love being cultivated within our own beings, as we release past wounding. Through this deep inner work, we become divine vessels, Body Temples for the streams of Love gracing our hearts and planet.

In spite of all the bleak noise blaring at us from all directions on the ‘worldly’ plane, the distractions that are purposely directed to keep us in states of conflict, anger, fear & darkness, do not be fooled . . . There is much Light present. With the growing presence of divine energies on our planet, we can offer up wonderings that in the coming generations, humanity as a whole will evolve into its Embodied Divinity.

The Sacred Feminine invites you to turn your attention away from the outer, reject the bombardment of programming coming from lower consciousness. Turn within to your own heart, inner knowing, tender love. Dive in here!

She invites you to remember:

You are Whole & Wholy. You are Divine. You carry Wisdom.

Dive into Her sacred waters and receive the radiance of Your Self!


With Love,




The Path of Surrender pt 2~ Interference

What Interferes With Surrender?

Ah! The magical Path of Surrender continues. . .

May I invite you to close your eyes for a moment. Take a couple of breaths. How does that feel? What do you notice? Most often, when we turn our attention within, we notice how active our mind is . . . The thoughts just keep on coming, looping, obsessing. Sometimes we try to ‘make’ the mind be quiet. Or we talk back to it, in frustration, our whole body feeling constricted and aggravated. Will has stepped in, in an attempt to control the situation at hand. How often does that work?

Here’s another invitation.

Again, I invite you to close your eyes, feel your breath. Notice your thoughts ~

and simply Accept the thoughts. Allow the activity of your mind.

Just watch them without trying to make them change or go away.

Let go of labeling them or reacting to them.

Next, begin to notice and FEEL the rhythm of your breath.

Use your focus (masculine quality) to stay connected to feeling (feminine quality) your breathing, however your breathing shows up.

Just feel your breath for 3-5 breath cycles.

Now, how do you feel? How is the relationship to your thinking? How does your body feel, by accepting your thoughts and focusing on your breath? Did you notice that you felt calmer?
Did you notice your thoughts disappeared into the back ground ~ and maybe even quieted? Did you sense a lightness of being?

This is the Art of Surrender. This is the magic of embracing the Sacred Feminine qualities within your being and allowing Her to wash over and soothe you from within. There is nothing to fight, the power is in the letting go & receiving what is at hand.

When we’re speaking of the Sacred Feminine/Masculine, we are speaking of qualities of energies, that reside in each of us. We aren’t referring to gender, though the imbalances have affected us in our human-being-ness and the actions in our lives, as men and women.

When we explore the action of Will, we clearly see that it serves us. It affords us success in forward movement, follow-through and determination. And, if we peek at its Shadow aspects, it also can act as a force which puts us into over-drive, creating ill health, exaggerated egoic qualities, and imbalance.

Surrender has very different qualities of expression. Surrender is the letting go, the release, the receptivity of ‘what is.’ It is expansive, emotive, heart centered, and woven with imagination that gives us space to day dream and create our highest possible reality. Surrender creates space for Grace, to assist us in what is right and true, what supports us, what nurtures our evolution, our inner beauty.

Why is it then, if it feels so nourishing to be in the qualities of love and truth, do we fight and resist letting go? What gets in the way of our surrendering?

One way I work with this, and I will say honestly, it’s came from much willful head-banging on my part. If we Surrender, our programmed need for Control is threatened. This can feel very frightening. Here’s one of my approaches for you to test our what I mean. Explore for a moment, this marriage of Will & Surrender. ‘Cast & Release.’

Most of us know, if we can tune into our inner world, what our truest desires are, what our deepest yearning is, there is a feeling we are longing to experience. By setting an intention in that feeling realm, by taking actions in the direction of our inner guidance, we are engaging the masculine within us. But then comes the rub. Cast and LET GO of the outcome! Act and RELEASE. Take steps and SURRENDER to a force that is invisible, but working for your highest good. Ask and have FAITH.

You may be feeling the challenge, right? It sounds good in theory. It feels good for, oh, about a day or two. And then what do you notice kicking in? What triggers your anxiety? What propels you to start sticking your fingers in the pot, to gain . .  . control?

I don’t know those answers for you. This is an opportunity for your inner inquiry. I find when I understand and take responsibility for my spiritual unfolding and examine what makes me tick, react, continue negating patterns, or attract what I don’t want or what I do want, into my life, I can ride the waves much easier. Self-Inquiry in itself is a beautiful practice in merging our masculine and feminine aspects in order to bloom into our fullness.

As per this example, I know that what comes up for me often, are beliefs about the turn-around time from my ‘casting’ and the expectation of getting what I want. One big thorn in my side is that, I usually think I should receive what I want in a very short period of time! When I don’t, it triggers a lack of Faith, fearing that I won’t receive what I am desiring. And then if it is something that interferes with my sense of material/financial security, the survival instinct kicks in. The scarcity reaction pushes me to ‘grab on’ and try to control the outcome. The less aware I am of this process, the stronger the compulsion to control becomes. When I become afraid of not being able to pay bills, eat, go to the doctor, I can hardly see clearly that there is more going on than meets the eye. That challenged Faith and Trust, prompts me to ask, “Is there is really a power or force that is helping me out?”

On the deeper level, regardless of how it’s expressing, Control fights Surrender, and its presence is most always present. Control is one of the most powerful areas to gain awareness of!

In part, the reasons that make this path so challenging AND why it is so important to reconnect to, are the same. We have moved so far away from a relationship with our inner, sacred faculties of intuition, our connection to subtle energies & forces of assistance, and faith that there is a reason to the rhymes, a meaning to the parables, even if we don’t realize it, in the moments of our grasping. Many have moved away from connecting the Mysteries of life, the forces that we can’t see, and our own inner knowing.

This is what the Path of Surrender teaches us. However, we only gain this wisdom by entering into a relationship with this quality of the Sacred Feminine. We might think at first, it’s a treacherous journey. But really, it’s only treacherous for that ‘part of us’ which is still indoctrinated in the past/rapidly altering paradigm, of the dominating masculine. The act of Surrender will dissolve the parts of us which are ridden with fear, greed, isolation, scarcity, and stress.

The degree of discomfort in letting go, will be equal to the amount of control trying to remain at the helm of your ship. And it may feel discombobulating as these old energies are released, dissolved, and die off from our being.

The beauty of this process is the levity we are gifted once the old has cleared. The rewards of greater Freedom, Joy, Compassion & Love, will call us back for more, our heart and soul responding to the revelation of our inner truth being freed!

We becoming willing to Surrender certain aspects of ourselves. We long for outworn aspects of who we used to be, to die. Because it is with each inner death, comes a Re-Birth. And this is how we experience more of who we truly are.

And let’s take that one more step . . . Those aspects within us, which we identify as ‘us,’ are not ‘us.’ I am not fear, jealousy, anger, etc. Sometimes I feel as if I am a specific emotion. But this is only because I’ve become habituated in this feeling experience. When we rise in consciousness, in vibration, we begin to experience that becoming Love, which is a quality, is different from the emotion of love, so to speak.

Language makes the intangibles almost impossible to talk about. Fear, control, etc is NOT who we are. And as we enter into the magical awakening of the Sacred Feminine, and Her entrance into our world, we find we ARE the qualities of Love, Generosity, Abundance, Faith, Peace, Spaciousness, and Light.

My hand is extended out to you here, as we journey together into this new radiant world which is percolating and bubbling up from within our Heart & Soul!

With Love,


The Path of Surrender pt 1 ~Healing the imbalance

The Path of Surrender is an art of divine simplicity . . . And, one of the most difficult on-going tasks asked of us. This can be a challenging subject to understand with the intellect and at least equally as challenging to learn to live as a way of life, if you haven’t yet tasted her elixer.  And yet, so much that we seek comes from a place of surrender. Freedom. Love. Peace. Self-Acceptance. Self-Love. Well-being. Generosity. Connection. This doesn’t mean surrender works alone or that we become pacifistic in all of our life. It actually requires great discipline, but a different sort of discipline! It is most often the final act of aligning and manifesting what our heart and soul truly long for. Well worth the initial challenges, yes?

So, before we can really dive into Surrender, it’s also important that we get to know Will.  In this first part of our exploration, let’s dive into the basic concept of Surrender from,

  1. the intellect
  2. the qualities of our world as seen through the prisms of masculine & feminine energies
  3. the old world paradigm and the new world we’re entering into.

For thousands of years, we’ve been living in a paradigm of predominantly masculine energies. This is governed by the mind, intellect, conceptualizing. It fosters the activities of striving toward goals. It’s understood linearly, from point A to point B. The mind needs to know, to be able to explain things logically, to be able to prove, and functions with black & white thinking.

There are many ways this functioning is necessary to navigate the material world in which we live.  This left brain  ensures we know how to balance our check books, bank accounts & budgets. It helps up to plan trips, with itineraries. If you’re planning an event, it makes sure you can manage the logistics. In the medical field, for instance, science makes strides by what it is able to prove. While we need this functioning, obviously, it has also overstepped many of its bounds. And it’s being in charge of our lives, has had a hay-day that is winding down and will be sharing space, more equally,  with the feminine.

The force through which our masculine or yang energies work, is through our Will.  With focus, attention, intention, we exert our will onto the outer world. This is represented by the right side of our body, also by the element of the sun and heat. A great way of exploring this is by practicing a simple exercise.  Make a fist & squeeze. Notice to what degree you’re squeezing your hand into the fist. How much pressure are you exerting? How long can you sustain that level of exertion with ease? How does it feel as you hold the tension?

This is an example of how we go through a good portion of our lives.  If we exert too much will, we find ourselves exhausted easily. Stress and tension build up in the body, mind, or emotions.  If we don’t exert any will, we can barely clench the fist or at best it’s a limp clench. This can reflect in our lives as lethargy or stagnation. When we use our attention with consciousness, clench a fist with a medium amount of pressure, this can be sustained comfortably. When the fist tires, we let go. Release. Surrender.

Will & Surrender are a mated couple. They dance together, they embrace in lovemaking, they give and receive, contract and release, from their mutual love, devotion, respect. While the masculine moves us out into the world in action, the feminine returns us home within to integrate, deepen, cultivate wisdom. They go hand in hand. They are our inner Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine, which when equally honored & balanced, create harmony.

Yet, we are most familiar with the quality of egoic Will. An expression of the masculine, who has lost his divinity, so to speak, because he has ruled over, subjugated, and usurped the Sacred Feminine qualities. Hence we witness violence at every turn, both in the news and as ‘entertainment.’ We compete with one another continuously and ourselves, in the work place, in sports, in fun and games.  The ongoing desire for bigger, better, more has sold us a false belief in scarcity. We have stress as the leading underlying cause of the numerous health crisis’s. We’ve rationalized the acceptance that we need to triumph over nature with our man-made devices to exert control in a myriad of ways, and Mother Earth is continually being assaulted in numerous ways, negating the very real fact that we need Her for our survival.

Control is one of the most abused actions of an out-of-whack masculine force. Control of people. Control of animals. Control of information. Control of freedom. Control of money.  One of the most devastating & horrific forms of abuse of control can be seen in human trafficking, which has become one of the most lucrative forms of business over the last decade and yet, it’s still flying under the radar of the general public. We see all of the above ‘controls’ playing our loudly on our world stage.

Our minds are on overdrive with insomnia now effecting large portions of the population. Whether this is from the constant use of technology, seeking entertainment, relief, or the never-ending stream of distractions, it is a symptom of a  society that is highly over stimulated. The ramp of the Sympathetic Nervous System (active/masculine state) has diminished our ability to be nourished by the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System (receptive/feminine state).

Many mornings on my daily walks, I witness a large proportion of fellow walkers/runners listening to their ear-bugs, as they are spending time in nature. I understand the desire to listen to music, pod-casts, lectures, etc. and we are fortunate to have these options. My comment is less about the symptom of stimulus, and more about a lack of awareness around the habit.  How have we become so greatly desensitized to the subtle joys in life, such as listening to the morning songs of the birds? When did we buy into a constant frenetic way of filling our brain with constant noise, which we’re learning from experience is depleting us in so many ways, yet we find it hard to  change?

These are aspects of the intense imbalances at hand today.  The wonderful news is that there is a change that is rising. As most of us have heard, we are entering the time of the Divine Feminine!

It is with Her Love, Her healing salve, Her purification of heart, body, and mind, that we will find a path back to harmony.

It also means a new challenge is upon us.  This challenge is the willingness to approach the Art of Surrender.  While it’s the cool breeze at the end of a dry hot day, though we will wish for the gentle, tenderness of her caress, we also fight it. It is frightening to realize that with the release of the load we’ve carried, it will bring with it deep change. This isn’t the change that we will manage and control or even know the outcome. It’s dangerous territory to the ways in which we’ve been living, functioning, thinking, being, for longer than most of us know.

But, this time of surrender is just as much in our bones and breath, as that of the will. The scales will need to tip to the other side of where they’ve been, in order to balance out.  It is She, who will soothe the heat of the masculine shadow, with divine teachings of Compassion, Truth & Love.  Are you ready to embark on her magical path of Surrender?

With Love,


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