Sacred Messiness

Toward the end of April, I’d intended to write this article. Things felt messy then … and grew into more messiness.

In April, I had the last email exchange with a significant person from my way-back-past. My attempts to get closure from outside of myself; to release the past wounds that had rented space in my perception; and to let go of expectations of what I believed resolve would look like, evoked messy feelings within and possibly within them.

In all these attempts to find solace from another person, the dynamic spiraled into a similar expression of 40 years earlier. The messiness that had been left in the dust decades prior, which I was hoping to resurrect myself from, simply reinstated itself in my inability to let go.

May I elaborate of the Sacredness of this mess?

Sacredness for me, uplifts the mundane, the profane, the perceptions of wrong or bad, or even what the ego/person-hood perceives as a mess. The act of bringing consciousness, presence, intention, and clarity to anything, gives us the opportunity to recognize the perfection of what shows up in any given moment. It is the light that shines on a wound, an attachment, a pattern, or a judgment.

Sacredness is a consciousness that transmutes the lower frequency in prepare for divine frequencies.

In the 1990’s I was a part of a conscious community in southern Oregon. One of the teachers of a game-changing training in my life, invited me one day, to allow myself to be messy. I’d been beating myself up about a choice I’d made. I was dressing myself up in guilt and shame. I wanted to control the perceptions that I felt others had of me based on my decision, and I wished I had controlled my emotions, so that I hadn’t been in the position to have to make a hurtful decision.

When he encouraged and accepted the ‘mess’ I’d created, I received permission to explore the Sacredness of what had transpired. The intention was never to hurt, even though that took place. I witnessed the presence of Soul, the power of love, the unpredictability of Life, the magic of transformation, and the cycles of death & rebirth. I saw I was following a stronger force than my egoic structure.

I realized then, that my Soul would never allow stagnation and would always choose transformation. I grew in continued awareness that I wouldn’t accept things swept under the rug, left unhealed, or unresolved, to the best of my ability. I also saw I wouldn’t compromise my truth, my feelings, or mislead another to keep the peace or status quo. I understood deeply, that because transformation has a hold of me, it doesn’t mean I don’t love or honor others in my life. It was clear too, that transformation could be messy to myself and to others in my life.

Well, the first half of this year has felt like one continuous ‘mess’ after another. Gratefully I employed the consciousness of Sacredness to all of it. The Ascension energies have been so rapid, that they have quickly cleared any timelines that couldn’t stand the test of the next highest alignment.

And to top it all off, as many have seen, I’ve been guided to let go completely of social media, writing my blog, newsletters, and group calls. The creations I was excited about at the first of the year have all fallen by the wayside.

This left people hanging. Starting offers that my community began diving into, to then just drop them out of sight. I was left confused, empty, uninspired. The purifying of attachments and agendas have been painful. Even in the Sacredness, death is death.

I also knew that patience would eventually allow the surfacing of a rebirth and renewed relationship to all I’m here to do, would show when it was time. Has the time arrived? I can’t say, even now.

Very inconvenient. Some may say inconsistent. Poor commitment.

From the mundane perspective, this is true. From the higher perspective, it’s a reflection of how fast things are changing right now and the more committed we are to riding these waves, the more it can appear messy. If we cling to the old paradigm, we’ll see judgements of right/wrong, good/bad, inconsistency or non-committal. This is the way we see things from the 3/4th dimensional awareness.

5D functions from honoring ones truth, moment to moment. It’s a crazy paradigm to get used to. It seems irresponsible, however in the sacredness that presents itself, we learn to access both what our highest truth is AND know how to merge with the highest good for all. It actually cultivates our authentic expression, our real-ness & truth is invited to step up.

You see, allowing the Sacred to be the guide, means the ego isn’t driving the car. We are surrendering to Source Love, Light, & Soul Presence to lead the way.

All of this is to say, beautiful transforming Souls, listen within & ride the waves of transformation. It might look a little messy, scary, and unpredictable. Yet, this is the way of the new paradigm, the New Earth will keep us on the move!

The quicker you can release fear and judgment, the clearer you will hear the guidance of Soul Presence. We will be changing again and again and again, and we will leave those that don’t always comprehend in our wake.

Though this decades-old relationship felt the present day return of messiness, each step was necessary for me to learn more deeply, to see more clearly, what I hadn’t been able to see before the ‘mess.’ While I desired clarity from the past, I simply had to wind my way home through the familiar dynamic again, by remembering each step was Sacred. Does it remain feeling messy for this person? I hope not. And for me, I live in the Sacredness.

The more aware we are, the more present and conscious we are of the divine power directing this show, the less mess we will incur and the more Grace of the Sacred we can bring to every next twist & turn of this magical life.

As the saying goes: ‘Change is the only real constant.”

The Living Mystery is working through and for You & the All.

Hang in & Elevate in this Loving Adventure,