4 Sacred Keys of Ascension Series

Ascension is the next step in humanities collective awakening process. Yes, we are all evolving as species. Yes, we are returning to the realization that we are spiritual beings having an experience of being a mere human being. 

There are many phases/stages of this process and depending on many factors. We can travel with ease, grace & deeper understanding. This tends to be important in the beginning or middle phases and more often than not, requires guidance. 

Or too often we can stumble around, be confused, or find it all overwhelming & complicated. Many aspects of Ascension go far beyond our previous concepts of who/what we are, as we’re going quantum/multidimensional! There is also so much information, that can take up a lot of unnecessary time and energy, and take you nowhere. 

This course is designed to efficiently set you on a trajectory of direct experience, which will support your wisdom & embodiment of this amazing, wondrous process, remembering you Home to your Divinity!

One way we can describe a difference between awakening & Ascension, is that Ascension requires our conscious participation. Though the outcome will eventually be the same, it is all about becoming more conscious and expanded in all ways. Therefore our active engagement & participation shifts the process & the experience of this magnificent journey. 

To assist your journey, all that I offer is intended to break this vast experiential shift down into language, techniques and practices, that can be understood and experienced beyond the sometimes daunting concepts of the multidimensional spectrum, that is Ascension. 

This series, 4 Sacred Keys of Ascension, is designed to streamline years of information and direct experience to you, in a pragmatic way. It presents primary phases that must be addressed & eventually mastered, in order to graduate to the next phase. They build upon one another.

4 Sacred Keys creates a foundational container in which you are then empowered to build from in the way your own unique journey will express itself through you!

What will you receive from this series?

  • 4 Pre-recorded classes modules / 1 per week. This allows you to listen, digest, practice the information, and return to listen as needed.
  • Each class contains experiential exercises and Light Language activations to anchor in the codes for ease of integration. 
  • 2 Live Group Calls on Zoom. This is a time for questions, to share your experiences, and thoughts/feelings throughout the modules. The first one takes place after the 2nd class/module, Divinely Aligning. And the next one takes place after the 4th class/module, Activating Your Divine Blueprint.

Sharing your experiences and questions, assists everyone in their own process. It’s a way we become more comfortable talking about the spiritual world and our own relationship to it. And it helps you to integrate what you’re learning. What is shared by one, will always resonate and be aligned with someone else, even as we will all have perceptions uniquely our own. For those shy in sharing, we’ll have a chat box or you can email me before hand. 

The 4 Sacred Key Modules:

Sacred Centering ~ Sacred Foundation: Creating a foundation for the awakening process brings deeper self-awareness to those aspects of personality that undergo the most challenges in the initial stages of waking-up  This is a back to basic approach, teaching you how to grow from a grounded, centered, soul-connected, inner-space with ease & grace. 

Embodying Self-Love: Self-Love goes beyond feeling simply comfortable with ourselves. It is a receptive quality of LOVE, innately within our being. Self-Love is a salve for our disconnected hearts. It heals soul fragments of our wounds & pain. it calls us to begin with Self-Acceptance and evolves us into Self-Honor. This is how we access Freedom, Joy, Peace, & Creative Manifestation. 

Divinely Aligning: This module of Divine Aligning invites you to step into your own Highest Truth, Passion, Purpose. This initial alignment & moving forward will be a personal, unique expression of You! It will evolve as you evolve. You’ll learn how to master your own spiritual evolutionary process through Divine Alignment! 

Activating Your Divine Blueprint: By this class, you will have been raising your frequency substantially! You are a co-creator in this Universe. It’s here that you begin to unlock your gifts, talents, skills, passions, through the Sacred Technology of your Mulit-Dimensional Being. You hold all the keys to activate your blueprint within you, as you raise your frequency. Your Blueprint … in many expressions simply awaits your arrival! 

All Modules plus 2 Group Calls ~ Sliding Scale $70.00 – $100.00

The 4 Sacred Keys 4 weeks begin on Friday, June 5. You’ll receive the 1st class on the 5th, the consecutive classes will arrive Fridays, June 12th, 19th, 26th, in your email. 

We will gather on a group calls Saturday, the 13th & Saturday, the 27th, at 12-noon CT. You’ll receive a Zoom link prior to our meeting. 

Registration Details: Register with the sliding rate that works for you via Payapl: Paypal.me/sacredembodiment   Please make a note with your payment ‘4keys’ & the proper email to send your videos.

*** Registration is due on Thursday, June 4th by 12 noon CT.

If you need other payment options, please email me directly: lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net

So very much looking forward to this time with you! 

With Love,