Healing Embrace of the Sacred Shadow

Each of our Shadow aspects, in whatever way they are showing up for us individually this year, are front and center like never before. And with all of the individual shadows expressing through the continuous chaos of 2020, it is our collective unacknowledged, unhealed energies that are amplifying the chaos.

How is it that each of our individual confusion and pains, can effect the collective? Well, because it’s all energy and we are all interconnected … the individuals become the collective.

Our shadow aspects are the dense, heavy, bogged down, lower frequencies. In this time of Ascension, it’s important to remember, we can only access the degree of higher frequency qualities, as we have released the density, which is the Shadow expressions.

What is you Sacred Shadow?

The Shadow expresses as our fear, anxiety, judgments, projections, reactivity, need for control, phobia’s, phantom pains, chronic stress, and more.

It is those parts of ourselves that we’d rather not look at, that we try pack away in a closet or under a rug and that we’d rather no one else see ~ even though our shadows are usually very obvious to those around us.

The Shadow is also the vulnerability, our wounded inner-child, and self-rejection beliefs, disguised as many other rational reasons why our life is lived as it is, why our suffering is as it is, and why are angers & judgments feel justified.

One of the most important and necessary inner jobs we all can do, in service to ourselves and others, is to understand, heal, and integrate the Sacred Shadow.

The Sacred Shadow is a powerful teacher, that is constantly trying to guide us back into our Wholy-Wholeness. And yet, we often have a deep fear and resistance to allowing this face to face meeting, with this teacher.

One of the reasons this is so challenging, is that we weren’t taught in school how to actually be in relationship with these parts of ourselves, and how to heal our suffering with it’s sacred assistance.

Learning how to consciously face your Sacred Shadow and learning how to heal/integrate it into it’s higher wisdom, is one of the most empowering and freeing actions you can take for your life.

I’m quite excited to be offering this to all who feel called to learn the techniques and connect deeper with these potent aspects of your being. The intention of this workshop is to take you through a number of processes, complete with deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love.

This time together will enable you to efficiently provide clearing, healing, and balancing for yourself, returning you to YOU!

Register to receive this pre-recorded workshop, to do at your own pace. Please make a note with payment ‘Sacred Shadow’

Energy Exchange: $25.00 via

paypal.com/paypalme/sacredembodiment OR cash.app/$JamiLindley

Please bring a pen/paper, create a sacred sanctuary of comfort, privacy, safety & peace, with some water & anything else you’d like to create a beautiful space for this powerful deep dive journey.

Honored to be of Service in this Sacred Resolution ~