Assistance Along the Way ~ Classes for You

There are many questions rising to the surface at this time, so I thought I'd streamline some resources to bring everyone up to date, from the perspectives I work with. These are great for your foundation if you're just getting started or if you just need a reminder of the "what in this world is … Continue reading Assistance Along the Way ~ Classes for You

Radiance Pours Forth

We are re-remembering, re-becoming into our divine qualities, which provide the guidance, to help us express who we are blooming into. Not to be confused or misled by a belief that our radiant essence isn't already present. We are continually morphing, dissolving, allowing, our innate radiance to pour forth! Evolution isn't static. It creates life, … Continue reading Radiance Pours Forth

Radiate Your Christed Light

Beautiful Awakening Beings! How amazing our lives are! We are here to claim the clear Knowing, Light, & Radiance within us. This aspect of our being is not frightened or disturbed by the darkness, nor will we harden our hearts. The Christed frequencies, Christ Consciousness is a state of being, not a person, accessible for … Continue reading Radiate Your Christed Light

Follow the Arrow of Your Light

Like an arrow from our highest selves, we follow it's lead in our heart, allowing it to call us forward into new ways, new blossoming's, again & again. What was ~ is released. Don't look back! Don't go back to sleep! Every moment now, as the energies rise, we have greater ease in choosing to … Continue reading Follow the Arrow of Your Light