New Earth Celebration Events

Welcome to Art of Sacred Embodiment & New Earth Celebration events! Please peruse the event page, which will be edited each month to reflect our sacred offerings.

We have new offerings to choose from! Something for everyone!

All that is shared is for the raising of our frequency, the opening of our hearts, the Homecoming of our Soul Presence, & the upliftment of humanity.

First, a bit about frequency: Why is our inner work necessary? Why are activations & transmissions needed.

We are always emitting energy, frequency, vibration … Everything is energy, frequency, vibration.

The question is, how high is the frequency you are emitting, therefore, embodying?

We are also bombarded with energies from every direction as we live our lives. Depending on what consciousness you are taking in, this will be the frequency you are receiving.

Are you taking in and surrounding yourself with fear & anger? Then you will be vibrating a low, slow, dense vibration and consciousness/frequency, that creates anxiety, scarcity, stress, contraction.

Are you taking in and surrounding yourself with Love, Freedom, Joy, Wisdom, Faith & Trust? Then you will be vibrating in a quickened, uplifting, harmonious, clear, expansive, consciousness/frequency.

What we practice and give life to within our being, is the reality we create and support in birthing, both personally & collectively.

It takes all open hearts to create a New Earth reality, vibrating at 5th dimensional frequencies. These carry the qualities that have the foundation of Higher Love, Divine Love.

We are here with a deep devotion & dedication to anchoring in the Divine Light consciousness of New Earth. All events listed will be with that love & intention!

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October 2022

Inspired Poetry, Musical Alchemy, & Soul Songs

with Byron & Lotus


Enchanted Abode ~ RSVP for address

Love Donation to Register OR$JamiLindley

**Please make a note ‘New Earth Celebrations‘**

Join Byron as he amplifies higher frequencies through the divine channeling of both music and the poetry he shares. Both are encoded with information to expand Heart-Soul into higher states of being.

I will be joining him in the musical segment to bring forth additional upgrades through Soul Songs/ Light Language.

Because the energies are continually increasing, Heart-Souls are continually awakening, Byron & I are devoted to supporting all aligned souls to receive the assistance to download the new Light codes, upgrade your Sacred Technology, and find celebration & support in the growing New Earth, higher dimensional communities!

You are invited!


Moon-time Meditation

Last Quarter Phase

Wednesday evening, October 19th

6 – 7:30 pm CT

Enchanted Abode Residence

Come gather & meditate with the Moon-time energies. This class is held in Tulsa, in person only, with audio replay available with registration. As we work more deeply with sacred embodiment, we grow to understand the importance of the dark is as important as the Light. We’ll explore the subtle & distinct phases of the Moon’s affects on our body/mind/heart/soul.

Receive the Light Language to support your integration & deeper understanding of the descension, of Ascension.

Love Donation to hold your space in the circle & receive address OR$JamiLindley

** Please make a note with payment “Moon Meditation” **

Audio Replay available upon request


Sacred Soul Motion at the YOGA ROOM, Tulsa

Friday Evening, October 21st

7:00 – 8:30 PM

Registration through the Yoga Room

Rhythm ~ Movement

Sound ~ Frequency

Meditation ~ Embodiment

This is the realm of the Sacred Feminine, regardless of gender or orientation ~ All are welcome! You’ll be introduced to the Sacred Feminine brain. This is a part of us that connects us to our Heart-Womb/Hara-Soul. It expands our awareness into the field of of Divine Love, and brings harmony to the inner Sacred Masculine & Feminine.

Through a gentle guided and freestyle movement journey, you’ll experience how deep rhythm can take you. It’s a Soul-full Homecoming within. Infusing this sacred embodiment practice, you’ll be receiving divine frequencies of higher states of consciousness, such as Joy, Grace, Peace, & Love, through the sounds & tones of Light Language. Meditation will enable embodiment and integration of your journey and the divine Light infusion.

Stepping into this space, we will weave a beautiful alchemy of Sacred Feminine Embodiment, that serves both the individual and collective healing & harmony!


Sacred Sunday Soundings of Love

October 30th ~ All Hallows Eve Event

3:00 – 4:30 PM

with Debbie King & Lotus Lindley

Love Donation Cash or OR$JamiLindley

Please make a note ‘Sacred Sunday’ with payment

Private Tulsa Residence: Pre-register for address at

Debbie & I are joining together our gifts, passion, & purpose to bring you a beautiful, peace-filled Sunday gathering. This is a time to drop into your heart and ride the waves of Crystal Bowl sound healing & songs of Light.

Be nourished, nurtured & gently activated for deeper connection to your sacredness.