Offerings of Support & Celebration December~ January

Every year I love to offer extra support during the holiday and New Year season.

This time of year can be full of a wide spectrum of emotions, stress, tension, maybe loneliness, and challenges. And simultaneously, there is also joy, excitement, connection, and a flurry of activity.

Our human selves have the capacity to experience a multitude of feelings and we can get overwhelmed if they are all too much to handle, sometimes leaving us unable to connect to the sacredness of all of these energies, the dark & the light of the fabric of our lives.

Whether you wish to maintain or create a feeling of Joy and Celebration; or your feeling old stories, grief, resentments rising up with friends & family; or you’re feeling isolated & alone; or you’re trying to ground with sense of Peace, Ease & Grace during the busyness, there is support and assistance available.

One of the most difficult practices in general, and especially during the holiday season is to remain present, centered, and divinely embodied. Art of Sacred Embodiment has something for everyone!

You are invited to peruse below …

50 Minute Light Language Activations

$44.00 via Zoom

These sessions ignite, & amplify intentions for the ability to hold the higher emotional frequencies for your holiday & New Year season.

To schedule, Paypal or Cash app here, email me for your Activation.


Awakening from the Dream ~ a Kundalini Memoir

My spiritual autobiography holds many jewels of the awakening process. This is a perfect gift for oneself or anyone who is serious about their spiritual journey and the multidimensional realities innate to our true soul nature.

“This book helped to normalize many of my own experiences and ultimately had me feeling less alone on my journey.” ~ AM

Learn more here, purchase directly from me, or buy Amazon


Art of Sacred Embodiment

Visit Library Here

In the library are detailed, embodied, practical information recorded classes, to assist a comprehensive, experiential & intellectual understanding of the Ascension/Descension journey that all life is going through on Mother Earth and beyond.

These classes are designed to take you step by step, in a very personal way, so that you can quickly raise your frequency, & release old habits/emotions/ thought forms of density that no longer serve you. There are guided meditations and activations throughout each class to practice & empower you as you move forward. These classes will be available for you to return to again & again, as long as you need.

Through January 31st classes will be discounted! Check out the Library here for details on each class.

Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm ~

This is a gifted class. Please injoy learning about & moving into the New Earth vibe!

Deepening Your Ascension Experience 2 Class set for $20.22 ~

These 2 classes will walk you through the basics of the initial Ascension/multi-dimensional understanding from an embodiment perspective.

Class 1: Understanding Timelines Class 2: Accessing your Highest Self

Sacred Shadows Healing Embrace ~ 1 Class for $12.22 ~

Our shadow aspects are all of things about ourselves & our lives that we’d rather not address. And yet, it is the governing force of our subconscious, therefore how we create & live our lives. In this class you learn how to come into a relationship with your shadow, which is Sacred, and heal hurts, fears, resentments, etc, efficiently. You are guided through processes, so that you can learn to effectively integrate this necessity into your daily life.

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~

To order your classes at the discounted price, Paypal or Cash app the listed price above, email for confirmation & within 24 hours, your password protected classes will arrive in your email.$JamiLindley

May you have a Peace-filled, Grace-filled, Blessing-filled, Love-filled,

Holiday Season!

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