We Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Over the years, many of the Ascension way showers have been paving the way and preparing for this time that we have entered into. Did we know the details? No. But we did know that things would get topsy-turvy & wavy-gravy! We also knew the funeral pyres of the old world paradigm would flare & burn hot, enabling the New Earth to rise.

So we went within. We strengthened at the core. We meditated. We went multi-dimensional. We did the deep dive shadow clearings. We signed up for spiritual boot-camp long before we’d be deployed on the ground. We did this as a soul mission, so that we would be able to ground the chaos, model the evolving human ways of living & being, thinking & feeling, and support & guide those that were ready to wake up, when the s*=t hit the fan.

There are an abundance of things I’m grateful for in my life. However, this is on the top of the list. I feel so blessed that my soul knew when to shake me awake decades ago AND that I surrendered. I feel deeply for the mounting fear, suffering, loss, confusion, etc. that is witnessed in the larger collective of humanity. The times are not easy and many who are willing to begin their waking are being cracked open by the painful density!

One trait of humanity has been that we tend not to grow & change unless we’re motivated by pain. Thankfully this is changing in the new paradigm living, as we evolve into more consciously expanded divine humans.

One of the things that I’ve learned over time is that there is not a one-size-fits-all-for-anyone, even though we still try to put such powerful, dynamic, unique beings into such boxes. The Soul cannot be minimized or simplified in such a way. Similarities, yes, we all have those. Yet we are each beautifully special, complex, enlivened with highly attuned perfection, that guides our respective adventure.

Each of our lives is deeply personal, as is each choice, each souls journey, lessons, including what governs both the beginning or end of life.

The gratitude I have for the ways in which I have been guided to navigate my life cannot be put to words. The connection I have to my Soul’s guidance & Divine Source presence, far outweighs anything I could learn in a book, a list of ‘facts’, or be told by any outer authority.

This in no way means that I don’t find assistance in any of those avenues. What it does mean, is that the final determining factor comes down to the inner wisdom I find in my heart, Soul, and bio-feedback of my body.

The truths for my reality, are not a reflection of what another person’s truth might be or what I see taking place on a world stage. I trust divine connection to be my True North.

This sacred relationship with myself, my divinity, Divine Source, enables me to walk this world without being entrenched in it. (Sound familiar?) I can live with ease & grace, realizing more & more, everything is temporary and as the ancient teachings have said, attachment produces suffering.

Creating and cultivating a sacred relationship with my own being didn’t happen over night and it is always deepening, fine-tuning, and teaching me fascinating ways in which LIFE communicates with and through me, through us all if we are open to receive.

This process, up to this point has taken years & years. I was on the slow moving train, which allowed the learning to take place under much less pressure, than many of the souls crash-coursing it under fire, today.

Due to already embodying the deep connection, experience, trial & error, and faith & trust, I’m able to more peacefully navigate these times, in this world, with a grounded reliance on my own inner knowing, intuition. In this way I can be a stable light house in service to those being jostled around by the waves of change, who are ready to come ashore.

Those of us who’ve been on the Ascension trajectory consciously aren’t unaware or unaffected by the heartache around us presently. One way that I see it, is that we’re able to access & maintain the Eagle-eye view of things, through shedding our own inner darkness of cultural conditioning, fear, confusion, anger, etc. we are able to hold more Light and all the qualities that encompasses.

This has been my purpose. To do the deep work, so that I could be of service in helping others find their own Inner Light through the darkness! To remember humanity HOME, to it’s rightful divinity.

I celebrate all those souls who are stepping off the treadmill or climbing out of the waters that have tossed them around on chaotic, frightening waves. You are finding your own path of freedom, faith, & peace. I bow deeply to you each!

I honor my journey, my Souls wisdom, choices, lessons, connection to my personal power, and Love. And I honor the journey of all other souls, regardless of where each is. I trust each individual is exactly where they need to. I bow to all points of this journey!

How beautiful that we are not cookie-cutter images, that we have a uniqueness … a precious perfection, that informs the twists & turns on our path, to return to our perfect Wholy Wholeness. We are not one-size-fits-all!

From my perspective, when I hold the higher perception, I can see that what comes, comes, and is in perfection for all ‘I’ the ego construct needs for it’s learning.

When I’m tuned in to my highest alignment, I ride the waves of my divine evolution.

This is my prayer for us all, in each’s own unique way!

Blessings on this Sacred Journey ~