Breathe into the Growing Pains

The intensity of this time is running a full gamut of pain & loss, to celebration & increasing bliss … and all experiences in between. Those who talk on this topic of Ascension, each have our areas of sharing, connecting the dots & supporting the whole, & modeling the new realities being lived. Sacred Embodiment is in my wheelhouse. πŸ™‚

Because our spiritual blooming/Awakening/Ascension process (however each feels called to refer to it) is an Embodied experience of conscious expansion & raising of frequency, we feel these shifts in our whole being: body, mind, heart & soul… but increasingly through the physical form.

The expansion & raising are happening πŸŒ€inside of us πŸŒ€ as we are rapidly evolving as a human race, which is pretty amazing to be witnessing/feeling this continual event so acutely!

Most commonly now referred to as Ascension Symptoms, that many of us are experiencing, are the normal growing pains of our spiritual evolution. And for those souls who are choosing to leave this world, we could also say they are in the midst of their growing pains, as they journey onward to a next stage of their evolution.

There are many forerunners who have paving this path for us for decades, as human laboratories of these growing pains & stretching of consciousness. Some of us have only been on the trajectory for a decade or so, while the majority are in the beginning phases of their awakening. πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

This is one reason I feel called to talk about this periodically, to bring a deeper understanding & support, to that which sometimes can be met with misunderstanding & alarm.

As we continue to move through these phases of upgrading our mind-heart-body, with higher vibrations/frequencies, the old dense frequencies that resonate with fear, lack, greed, anger, hate, etc are being transmuted, healed &/or cleared, so we can hold ~ in the body ~ more Light frequencies that resonate with Love, Peace, Compassion, Joy, etc. 🌈

Our bodies & minds carry the mix of these frequency/qualities.We are being invited, compelled & propelled to release those heavier energies that no longer serve & support the highest expression of our true divine nature.

In other words, we must continue to heal the wounds of forgetfulness & separation we carry. This enables us to remember through experiential, Direct Knowing, the truth of who we are … that we are inherently Pure, Loving, Compassionate, Whole. That we are Divine Humans & Mulitdimensional Spiritual Beings. πŸ’«

We are truly blessed to have chosen to be a part of this time of wondrous unfolding of the heightened opportunity to return Home within our own Sacred Center to the Divine Source/God/Presence/Great Spirit … πŸ’™

The trick is to settle into these waves of high frequency Light, to learn how to integrate them, release the density, & accept & rejoice in this process, though it’s sometimes discomfort & discombobulation of our mind & body. πŸ˜›

Let the ride continue with ever-deepening Faith, Trust, Compassion & Love, so that we may transition again & again, with as much Joy, Peace, ease & grace as possible! It’s here that we learn to reside in Divine Neutrality & a Spacious Heart.

Keep watch for Embodying Ascension class coming soon! πŸŽ†

Tuesday evening Divine Frequency Meditations πŸ™ Tonight! See details & registration.

Here’s to our expanding journey together, with Love!


art: Kystleyez