LIFE, in all Caps

Back in 2008 – 2010 I studied at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center under the guidance of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. I was being initiated into the Essene Priestess path. This chapter of my journey was intense, deep, and truly only opened the door to access the inner initiations of priestessing that can only come through divine direct experience, within ones own being, guided by ones own highest self/soul presence. Truth be told, I’d already been on this trajectory, but was still of the belief that I needed validation from outside of me, from some other authority, to confirm what I’d already been experiencing. And because Gabriel is a highly awake master, as well as a powerful teacher of intellect, his guidance was to always “go within.”

One of the ancient Essene practices that was integral in this training was that of the Essene Daily Communions. These were done in the morning and evening. The Morning Communions were based on tuning into, communing with the living teachings of Mother Nature’s elements. The Evening Communions consisted of the same intimate connection with the Heavenly Father’s Cosmic expressions.

The information that can be tapped into via these communions always surprised me. I learned to commune with Life in this way. Gabriel taught in his rendition of the Path of Sevenfold Peace, about the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life. He illustrates clearly that our basic mainstream culture is a culture of death consciousness and teaches how to live from the consciousness of Life.

When we communion with the organic world that serves to uplift, harmonize, balance; that instills Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Truth, Wisdom, Health, Vitality, & Freedom … this is the culture or consciousness of LIFE.

As of late, I’ve been tapped in the Heart by LIFE. I’ve been guided to commune with Divine LIFE through the same means as the Essene Communions. It’s truly been one of the most powerfully, clarifying, uplifting, enwizening, enlivening expressions of consciousness that I’ve connected with!

It’s capitalized because if we are walking this Earth, we all have (lower-case) life running through us. But we can still be fast asleep, only running a smidgen of what LIFE wants to enliven us with. The more common disconnection from the powerful flow of higher awareness that LIFE affords, is now changing for all who wish for this transformation. It begins within.

The living teaching of LIFE shows us how divinely powerful we are. When we are infused with LIFE, communing with LIFE, living from this consciousness, we are called forth to seek, to become, to embody the higher states of LIFE: Expansion, Freedom, Peace, Unity, Love, Compassion, Light, Truth, Vitality, Harmony … to name a few.

These aren’t emotions, thoughtforms, ideals. They are vibrations & frequencies that are Life-Giving, Joy-giving, Freedom-giving, Love-giving. They are ever-present expressions of divinity, that as we wake up & Ascend, we are able to access/tap into/commune with, so that we may embody our own higher nature, which is intrinsically interconnected with Divine LIFE, expressing through Light & sharing it’s essence of Love.

As we are now fully in the passageway of Lion’s Gate, this presence is increasing all around us!

The invitation is: Are you ready to commune with the True LIFE of your radiant nature?

If you are in Tulsa, these teachings will be infused into the upcoming event at The Yoga Room on July 7th ~ New Earth Celebration Ceremony ~ Lion’s Gate Activation. Click << link to register!

We’re in powerful time and LIFE will not be stopped. So, may we all ride this wave into realities our minds have not yet conceived, but our Heart-Soul, deeply knows. This New Earth, LIFE infused way of living is calling all who are ready and willing!