What Are You Vibing?

I have an inquiry …

Are you tuned into the rising frequency within your own being at this time?

Are you tuning into the vibrations of chaos of the planet at this time?

Why is the higher frequency important?

One way to think about this: Anger, fear, depression, etc. are slow, dense, heavy vibrations. There has been evidence that disease can thrive in an environment where there is a denser frequency & can be influenced by ones emotional/mental vibration.

On the other hand, meditation, laughter, receiving love/giving love, experiencing Joy, and resolving painful issues in ones life has been shown to have a positive effect toward curing physical disease. As this takes place, the frequency/vibration raises, creating a healthier environment.

Our world is one organism. We are each cells vibrating at a wide range of frequency, from low to high, fast to slow, from anger, fear, resentment, depression, anxiety, chronic stress … to Joy, Compassion, Inner Peace, Self-Love. When the majority of the population, made up of each of us, ( like cells ) begins to vibrate at higher frequencies, the whole organism shifts toward the higher, more vibrant, healthier state.

Unfortunately, as part of the human experience, the majority of us have to actually work at moving from the low resonance to the higher. It isn’t something we can wish or think our way to achieving. We must heal, resolve, and open to this reality. We must find the way to love our way through this transformational process. What we each are vibrating, is also what we’re creating as the reality we experience, individually and the collective that resonates with that frequency. Where attention goes, energy flows.

We can acknowledge the chaos, the turmoil, but choose not to give it more energy than is healthy. What if instead, we turn to cultivating neutrality, compassion, groundedness, inner peace WITHIN, to assist the raising of vibration for the whole. However, this demands of us to become deeply responsible for doing our inner work to transform ourselves. It is up to each of us to become that which we’re seeking, because in essence, whatever we are focusing on is a projection of ourselves!

It’s exciting that we live in a time where we have so many options that are available for each of us to participate consciously, in actively awakening & raising our vibration. The invitation is to set our intention daily, to align with that which serves our highest good, the highest version of ourselves and the highest good for all. Our limited ego, does not know the highest good for all, but Source Love does. When we connect to THAT, we support the frequencies of divine Wisdom & Truth.

To choose the way of our own transformation, for the good of all beings, invites us to let go of the drama & trauma, to step into Faith & Trust. To choose moment by moment, to honor the sacredness that we truly are. This is the invitation to continually strengthen the higher frequencies, to grow & transform, for our good & the good of all!

In Divine Faith & Trust ~