Welcoming in 2021, with Open Hearts

We have arrived ~ Welcome 2021! How has your threshold crossing been, through Solstice, the holidays and into this new year? I’ve been hearing mixed reports. Some of us have been uplifted, riding these massive energies with great expansion and higher level frequencies being accessed. And some, including myself, have been swimming in the depths of clearings, preparing to hold our next levels of Light. It appears too, that once we crossed into the new year all higher trajectories aligned ~ are aligning with deeper heart opening, greater clarity, and feeling expanded freedom.

This past phase, though very challenging, is once again providing the pearls that are created from truly surrendering what is being guided to be released. Soul knows what we need and when. We, being the small human-ego construct self, is not the best equipped to determine our healing. It is through surrendering to our divine Essence, Soul Presence, that initiates us into our highest evolutionary potentials, step by step, phase by phase.

Sacred Embodiment is a spiritual art form. Surrender is the palate, and knowing how to mix the colors of emotions/thoughtforms, and the right brush strokes to engage, enables ease & grace during the challenging, discombobulating times of quickened awakening stages, resulting in yet another piece of fine art ~ which is You.

This coming year will bring continued accelerated transformation as we step more into a world of energetics.

There will be more emphasis on realizing that energy is all that is, physicality is more malleable the more we master our own energy.

Co-creation of our Heart-Soul desire, is not a product of our small-self as the ‘doer.’ Instead it’s clearing density, raising frequency, so our Heart-Soul resonance purifies to stream forth our divine purpose, with the highest levels of love and integrity that we can hold at any given time.

We’ll be called to develop deeper connection to Faith and Trust in our Heart-Soul Presence. Or to begin cultivating that intimate relationship if we have not yet begun that inner journey.

Natural Time/Natural Rhythm will become our inner compass that directs our divine alignment, that True North of intuition, born of living in the flow of ease, peace, and grace. Surrendering our control and need to know more fully, and riding the waves of quickening change.

Understanding of power is also calling for our attention. The recognition that each individual’s healing, awakening, sense of Soul Presence-self, which is governed by both personal love and Higher Unconditional Love, is the source of Divine Power. This is the Diaphragmatic chakra as well, that lies between the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

2021 too, will be asking us to let go of playing in the realms of duality & polarity. To do this, requires each of us to raise/expand our consciousness to ‘see’ through the higher vision/higher frequencies of higher energy centers/chakras, from the Heart up through the head and beyond.

Last on my personal radar, is the beautiful, elegant relationship blueprints streaming forth, rebirthing our Sacred Feminine/Sacred Masculine aspects into Divine Unions, not yet seen by in our human history.

The consensus is 2021 will not slow down and won’t be without it’s significant challenges. However, if this last year has taught us anything, it’s that we can rise above the fray if we choose. We can transmute our own wounding. It is our own shadow/wounds that enable cthe ability to be triggered into reactivity. We have been gaining skills to heal, for clearer seeing and a balanced way of dealing. And, with so much consciousness shifting energy available, we are ripe to create a whole new world, as the old ways fall.

But, we do have to allow the old to crumble. We can focus our attention on tethering our creative caps, with our open hearts, and find our soul tribes, to join in higher collective/community rebuilding of a new world.

Personally, I’m very excited for all the new potentials available for our evolutionary trajectory. The leaps and bounds by many of you, continue to affirm & confirm this wonderful adventure we’re on.

May this year bring us more fully into our Wholy-Wholeness, our Source connection of Soul Presence. I’m honored to continued sharing ways to support those who feel called from guidance, activations, and mentorship to their trajectory.

I’m also happy to be offering Classes for additional support with New Year special rates through the end of January 2021! Please see: Healing Embrace of the Sacred Shadow, Deepening Your Ascension Experience, 4 Sacred Keys of Ascension Series

The deeper work of Sacred Intimacy and all that entails is just around the corner. This is a passionate call that has been percolating in my own embodiment work for 2 years. I invite you to stay tuned, to learn more.

Blessings & Love,