Clearing the Shadow from Our Sight

I have a brief story to share and the outcome remains in process.

Last Wednesday, on the cusp of the Full Moon, my right eye became filled with floaters during the day, and flashes of light at night. I waited until Friday to ‘feel into’ whether this was showing up as an Ascension Symptom or if I needed to see the eye doctor. Yes, I got on line to investigate in the interim and when I went to see the doc on Saturday it was confirmed that I indeed had vitreous detachment. This seems to be fairly common and eventually goes away ~ hopefully, and rarely progresses into a retinal tear or detachment, which would require surgery.

So, that’s just laying the groundwork for the juicy part!

I can’t begin to count how many physical issues I’ve experienced along my journey. You can read about the early days in my memoir ‘Awakening from the Dream ~ a Kundalini Memoir’ in which I share some of the early adventures of energetic clearings. Back in the early days, I didn’t handle them always with as much ease and grace as I do now. I’ve been seasoned over the last 2 decades! And I’ve learned to connect the dots between what’s happening within the Sacred Technology (our physical body), the energetics, and the shifts in consciousness.

Over the last 2 years I’ve been going through profound purifications of the Fifth Chakra (throat), the High Heart Chakra activations (lower throat & heart chakras merging), and the Sixth Chakra, including the Occipital Lobes all last year. There’s been non-stop activating going on which has dramatically altered my perceptions of many things.

Just a few days before the Full Moon on October 1st, I had some radical new clarity in seeing elements of myself, my life, and specific situations I’ve been shadow-working through, in a whole new way.

My perspective was broadening, as well as becoming much more unified.

Some very old patterns of my sacred inner masculine, were finally surrendering more completely to my sacred inner feminine.

My frequency went through a leap into accessing more sustained higher dimensional vision.

There was a celebratory song of flourishing and freedom enlivening within my soul.

And the level of Spacious Heart Centeredness, was bringing deep peace, receptivity, and neutrality into all areas of my life.

Then my eye got funky! I literally had to laugh out loud at the perfection once again at the interconnectedness of our whole being. In this period of time, I was also pondering the upcoming class Healing Embrace of the Sacred Shadow. Divine timing! What happens in our physical body, whether it be illness, pain, even accidents, can not be dissected from our spiritual and energetic levels of consciousness.

I’m prepared for my eye to be foggy for as long as it takes for the residual scales to fall from my eye. These processes of waking can’t be rushed, we can only do our part to keep on task and surrender to the divine power of our body/soul/spirit to do the deeper work, way beyond what our egoic mind understands.

What I’ve learned over and over again, is the more deeply I acknowledge/heal/integrate my Sacred Shadow, literally the clearer vision and higher perceptions of Life, I’m able to access.

Ascension is an on-going process of continual awakening, through the Sacred Technology of this body. The Sacred Embodiment of higher frequencies and consciousness, will clear and heal all density stored in the body, mind, heart. Addressing our Shadow is part and parcel, and of the utmost necessity for our awakening. I believe it to be a sacred responsibility to do the inner work for our individual self and collectively.

As I continue to garner further teachings from my cloudy eye and care for it accordingly to all levels of my being, I celebrate the next-leveling at hand!

If you’ve been feeling called to do some shadow work, you are invited to join this pre-recorded workshop, being released this coming Saturday, October 10th: The Healing Embrace of the Sacred Shadow.

In Love & Celebration of Ascending ~

Lotus Art: Christian Schloe