Deepening Your Ascension Experience

I am so excited to share this journey of Deepening Your Ascension with you! I’ve been waiting for the go-ahead as patiently as I could and now here we are! This foundation will support all of you to really access the highest trajectory along the Ascension timeline, in just the right & true way of divine aligning for each of you.

I can’t wait to dive in!

One of the reasons I love this image above, is that the blue orb next to me was so prevalent in a few of the images. The vibe was high in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. I was accompanied by 2 lovely women & Light Language was streaming through with so much joy. We were all a bit altered in our consciousness, up in the woods! Not only our is multi-dimensional friend so beautiful, it’s a visible reminder that we do indeed have ‘unseen’ assistance on this journey, that there are many levels of consciousness beyond what we know, and that the sensitization of our hearts & minds, enable us to perceive the realities of Ascension. Thank you Natalie Molina for capturing these images! 

Being that we are all at various stages & phases in our journey, I’m going to begin the next series of classes with the basic need to knows at this time. As I’ve said things are moving quickly, so we’re going to move along with the pace.

The 2 classes of Deepening Your Ascension Experience offered here will be pre-recorded. You will receive valuable & practical information, as well as a couple of experiential exercises to support the cognitive material. Ascension is an embodiment process & we’ll be covering what that means in this work.

These classes will give you clear understandings of how to co-create your life in 5th Dimensional reality, with invitations of how you can continue the momentum.  Each class offers Light Language Activation to support the information shared & your next leveling of integrating the energy of the information.

Introduction to Understanding Timelines/Multi-Dimensional Realities 
What reality are you CHOOSING to create/live in?
Are you ready to step into the quantum realm of understanding the myriad of timelines operating & how to co-create the timeline you’d like to be experiencing as your life?
How do you consciously shift timelines & how do you get stuck in old timelines?
How to you understand lower & higher timelines?

Accessing & Embodiment of Your Highest Self Consciousness
Our Highest Self connection is intrinsic in our ability to access 5th dimensional consciousness & beyond.
How do you understand your Highest Self guidance?
Did you know that your Highest Selves are  muliti-dimensional?
Are you connected to your Divine Blueprint (Soul Purpose) which is activated by your HS?
The frequency elevation of the planet, in tandem with all of the Light codes entering in, are what is enabling us to now Know Thyself in a more expanded way!

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Please note with your payment ‘Deepening Ascension’ and correct email to send videos.  Please allow a few hours to receive your password protected link/classes in your email.

These classes are suggested as a foundation for the up-coming series:
4 Sacred Keys of Embodying Ascension. 

With Love,