Sacred Living Journey 2023

Are you ready for a year of initiations and the next stage/phase of your spiritual evolution?

Through the lens of Ascension over the last 13 years which had us rising, so to speak, we are now experiencing the phase of Inscension / Descension. Our multidimensional fractals are landing and integrating, into Soul Presenceing and Sacred Embodiment. The more skilled we become at uplifting the mundane frequencies, the physical realm (3D) and our human-ness into higher levels of consciousness, via deeper present awareness, we then truly create Heaven on Earth, or the New Earth realms. This is a play of frequencies/consciousness, of Divine, Cosmic Light, which our physicality has been/is being prepared in it’s ability to embody.

Our focus is continuing to shift from the outer focus to the inner, deepening our self-love and self-honor. Embodying Self-Love readies us for the invitation to come into deep intimacy from within, and into a relational presence with all of Life.

All of Life carries divine-cosmic Light signatures, and this includes our human vessel.

We are being called to expand and deepen, to enter into the higher states of Love through cultivating these relationships with all of Life. Through direct experience, guided inner journeys, and increasing personal intuitive guidance with Soul and Source, together we set about a path of transformation and living sacredly.

Some of what we’ll be exploring together:

~*~ Activating the sacred technology of the brain, the trillions of cells that the larger brain holds within the body, as well as the field of quantum entanglement, which is the multidimensional realties.

~*~ Informed choice for Soul alignment to the Organic/Natural Timelines or Mechanical/Technological Timelines.

~*~ Embodied Sacred Geometries

~*~ Sound Signature Frequencies / Soul Songs

~*~ Understanding the importance of Natural Cycles of Sun/Day & Moon/Night & Light/Dark on health & vitality.

~*~ Awakening the Psychedelic or Biodelic centers … naturally.

~*~ Embodied Movement Practices for expansion of Subtle Bodies.

~*~ Containers for Sacred Intimacy in Relationship.

~*~ Dissolving past/wounded Templates & Birthing divinely aligned Templates for Flourishing & Thriving.

~*~ Sacred Feminine/Sacred Masculine Presencing

~*~ And MORE!

A snippet of what these gatherings bring, is that we begin to commune more lovingly, more devotionally, with the natural world, the living beings that are plants, trees, living soils. Learning from the wisdom of the Elementals, remembering the interconnectedness with the energies of the Celestial and Earthly realms. Living the Sacred also invites us into deeper conscious relationship with the animal kingdom and one another, with open hearts.

This year offers us a deep transition away from the conditioning of disconnection, disillusionment and fear. Instead we are invited to become more empowered to live in deeper Faith and Trust and Connection and Love.

Sacred Living explore-shops will be in personal gatherings, in Tulsa, OK. One of the principles we’re remembering ourselves back to, is that of Organic Life, rather than the mechanical, technological approach to connection. Though there is room for both, at this time the emphasis will be on in-person connection.

Introduction for a year of Sacred Living:

Saturday, March 4th.

2:00 – 4:00 pm CT

Lotus’ Enchanted Abode

Intimate Space, RSVP to hold your place

Love Donation Sliding Scale $15.00 – $35.00 OR$JamiLindley

I very much look forward to exploring, playing, loving & living more sacredly with you!


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