Sacred Living

We are always in relationship with all of life forms around us, above and below.

We are always in relationship with the energies we resonate with, or not, both consciously and subconsciously.

We are always in relationship with the deeper functions of our own human being-ness, our cells, our organs, our blood, our brain, our breath, our heart-beat, etc.

We are always in relationship with the people, places and things that make up the reality we inhabit.

The question is:

Are we creating sacred, conscious relationship with all of Life?

The Ascension journey that most of us have been traversing for decades, regardless of what we call it, this evolutionary force is working within, around, and through our divine technology, that is our human being form, has taken us on quite the ride.

Over the last year in particular, we began a great shift. That of the Descension phase of Ascension, entering into Sacred Embodiment. We’ve landed into the physical form. This has been quite challenging for most of us who have been living in primarily our higher centers and multidimensionally for years or decades.

As I like to speak of spiritual awakening, at least from my experience and what I’ve witnessed in countless others, is that we spiral through phases and stages, peaks and valleys, expansion and contraction, clarity and lostness, elation and grief. The polarities are very much in play through out this journey, there doesn’t have to be a good bad, right, wrong, as long as we remember it’s all part of our sacred learning.

By inviting the spiraling, the cycling, the returning, the polarities integrate and unify. We realize we go deeper into truths, freedom, love, when we travel in ever-growing communion with Life. When we choose to live this journey, our individual lower-case life, as a practice of being in conscious relationship, Living as the Sacred, our reality shifts dramatically.

For instance, today is January 21st, Mars and Mercury have just gone direct after retrogrades, and more planets will be following. We’ve had an unusual number of planets all in retrograde for some time, and soon they will all have turned around. Today we meet the New Moon phase on the 21st/22nd in Aquarius. So if you’re not into astrology, the planetary directions, etc. that’s fine. Knowing all of these details is not the purpose. The purpose is to begin to recognize if you haven’t already, that whether we pay attention or not, even believe or not, the energies of all life forms have an impact on other life forms, including humans. The planets and moon phases are always in communication with us. Do we choose to be in communion with them?

When we learn how to enter into Sacred Living, we learn how to be consciously connected to, in relationship with Life’s expressions. If we listen to our Soul Presence that communicates through the body, not our brain and egoic, programmed thinking, there is a good possibility that we can align with these powerful planetary cycles and find greater ease and grace in our own lives.

The New Moon, even with planets shifting direct, still expresses her influence on us. She calls us to slow down, go within, do a deep dive, inner death practice. Can you feel her voice?

By releasing & dying to the aspects of self and life that it’s time to let go of as we evolve at this moment, we’ll create more space for the grace of deeper knowing. We’ll be divinely aligned and inspired as to what seeds we’re meant to plant in the dark fertile soil of this lunar phase.

Following the cycles of the Moon and aligning with her energetic impact on all living things, we step into a magical world of remembering our interconnectedness. As we align with the rhythms of season, like the Winter we’re still called to rest into, we find deeper resonance with Soul. When we learn to tune in to the powerful subtleties, the conscious being-ness of the Father Cosmos, Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon; the bounty of wisdom from plants, from animals; receiving Love that transforms and remembers us Home to our Truest Nature and realizing all of the natural world is our family.

Sacred Living is about Sacred Embodiment. It is about integrating the Light of Ascension wisdom, of higher dimensional experiences, into a Soul Presenced human. We both draw the Divine to Earth and elevate the 3rd Dimensional consciousness toward the Divine. A Heaven on Earth Marriage reality.

Living the Sacred begins in intimate relationship. Through intimate relationship with ourselves, and with all of Life. From here we expand and deepen, flourish and thrive, experience both the human and divine.

Are you ready to deepen into the next circle of the spiral?

Are you feeling the call to awaken to the next level?

Are you ready to Live the Sacred?

Curious to learn more? I’d love to hear from you.

In Love,