Integration is a Sacred Bridge

Our spiritual evolution spirals, circles, processes, and moves in phases and stages, from one timeline into the next.

Mostly this transitioning is gradual and detectable when we are being present and co-creating consciously from Soul presencing with Divine Source, Love and Life. Yet, these transitions also happen automatically and unconsciously by default, when we are lulled into waking-sleep states, creating from our wounding, sense of lack, a need for control, or living from a fearful, closed heart, not yet established in Faith and Trust.

Usually these timeline creations show up as jumbled or disjointed realities. The circumstances may appear different, yet a familiar discontentment, where fear, confusion, or chaos patterns prevail.

The more present we live, the more The Sacred lives through us. Often times whether we make a leap into a new phase of our life, the reality we are creating, through big choices and changes, or when sudden endings thrust themselves seemingly upon us, the ingredient necessary is integration.

Integration is the bridge between what has been and what is presenting and what is being created.

Integration is a magical and profound time where all that has been falls away, we are able to consciously release and perhaps grieve that past timeline. We can come into a sacred relationship with our own beingness, feeling deeply and mining the jewels of inner wisdom.

A space for grace is created in the in-between, where the past/present/future all intermingle. We live in multiple realms, simultaneously, awaiting for the next phase of embodiment and rebirth. This is truly the gifting of conscious co-creation with the sacredness of our human and the divinity of our higher aspects ~ a reflection of Divine Source.

It is here, we are empowered by learning how to navigate the continuous waking and enlivening of our Soul Presence, Home, into the Sacred Technology that is our human form.

Sacred Living orients us in deep intimacy with the self, through these on-going phases and stages of our personal life, and with all of LIFE. The interconnectedness becomes palpable, enriching all aspects of both the mundane and divine.

Join us for Living the Sacred beginning March 4th, 2023.

Details to come or Contact me to learn more!

Living In-Love,