Living the Sacred Introduction Exploreshop

Next Saturday we step into the Sacred Living 2023 Journey container. This container will bring a series of exploreshops of deeper intimacy with oneself, in relationship with the sacredness of all of Life, as we enter the season of Spring and through the year. These exploreshops will build on one another, yet they can also be attended ‘a la carte.’

Take a moment, and feel your breath flowing. In and out. Notice the living force of Life, breathing through you.

You are not the doer in this activity. You are the receiver ~ the vessel for the elemental intelligence of Air to inspirit you. Feel the sensations through your body as your breath deepens, slows, with your awareness as an intimate observer and experiencer.

The invitation is to feel this union between you and the breath, receive this beautiful presence and ‘see’ it, feel it, be embraced by it, feel the gratitude for it. Experience the sacred, intimate relationship within.

Close your eyes & FEEL.

There is a deep Love that is asking us to commune with Life, to be romanced by Life, the forces that enliven, enrich, enjoy, uplift, heal, and harmonize, our being and our world. This invitation asks us to break free from the mundane, sleep walking, and bypassing into the sacred enchantment that lives all around us … but we must presence to it, become embodied and Soul Presenced on deeper levels to receive the new languages that Divinity is here to teach.

The human being is a Sacred Technology, that is designed for our spiritual development and evolution. Many of us have been activating many of these gifts for years in our Ascension journey, and some are just beginning. The juncture we’re at now, is to understand that to receive the deep wisdom of Life, there is a coming Home into more sacred relationship through deeper Soul Presencing.

We all know the challenges of the fast paced, distracting world, that seems to be growing in it’s chaos as the old paradigms are falling away and crumbling. This also means, that many aspects of our individual, inner worlds are also going through a crumbing, dissolving, and death process.

Although all of our practices of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, have been aiding us for years, many still find that presencing in THIS moment, and being able to access the Sacred Presence within and around, remains challenging. The human brain is a powerful force. And it’s programming is deep.

The Sacred Living Introduction next Saturday will include:

What does Sacred Living mean to you?

Returning to Natural Time/Organic Time

Circadian & Circannual Cycles

Orienting to Earth/Sun/Moon, Light/Dark Cycles for Health/Healing & Spiritual Connection

Sacred Technology of the Human ~ Interconnectedness

What is Soul Presencing?

Experiential practices for Embodiment, Coherence, Divine Alignment, Sacred Intimacy, Source/God/Goddess/ Spirit Connection

Overview for this years journey

Sacred Living introduces a way to support a potent transition from living in scattered, fragmented, distracted ways, creating more integration, coherence, and devotional presence through out the day to day life. This year’s exploration will be one of deepening, playing, experiential learning, through Sacred Embodiment, Sacred Intimacy and uplifting/expanding Connection to Self and Divine Source!

The guided exercise shared above is a small taste of this journey. I invite you to connect with it a couple more times and explore that you can continue to go deeper with a devotional approach to your relationship with you and your breath. Sacred Living offers many opportunities to experience the Living Mystery of Divine Source, that will deepen you, as you choose this Sacred Intimacy.

If you are in Oklahoma, you are invited to begin this journey, next Saturday, March 4. See Sacred Living Journey 2023 for Registration

In Love,