Sacred Simplicity ~ New Earth Reality

Over the last year or two, I’ve found that the more present I can be, the more connected intimately I can be, the more I feel In-Love with Life. I feel that there are larger numbers of us, as precious humans, awakening in our own way, to our own Soul Song, listening to something higher than the egoic aspect, and moving toward sacred simplicity of a New Earth reality.

Now, I understand that simultaneously, there are also populations moving in the direction opposite of this. However, this doesn’t negate what was just said. There is a movement that is proving to be more technological, AI based, that may seem to hold the safety, security, convenience and ability to maintain certain structures that enable some to feel that the ground isn’t shifting under their feet. Things will remain ‘sleepingly simple’ from the comfort of choosing to remain in a rendition of the ‘known.’

The visions I’m paying attention to though, feeling called to cultivate, to nurture, to evolve into, is that of an organic, natural time, earth connected, deeper intimacy with myself, others and Life, timeline. Living a Sacred Life is teaching me how to commune with the Love and Power of the Natural World, the Cosmos, with the living Spirit of plants, animals, soils, and Elementals that feed us life, freedom, abundance, joy, faith, trust, and the magic of Source Love.

Living the Sacred also teaches me to hold each moment as tenderly as possible, each obstacle, each challenge, with full presence. Taking the deep breath, resting into the sensations and information from my body, heart, and soul, an inner-standing what needs to be transformed. The moment I turn my attention with devotion, to the subtle experience, the Sacred is ignited, and any density is uplifted into divine Light of Presence.

As I’ve been communing with Mugwort and Cacao over the winter months, they have been plant teachers to shed new spiritual wisdom on my life. They have languages they speak with love and gifted me subtle wisdom, through their multi-dimensional existences.

The magic that has been a’foot getting to know the Tree guardians and companions surrounding me, coupled with understanding the science of cerebellum consciousness, and the Mother Mind of the body that connects us into the quantum field, are transformative on all levels. This is beyond the web of the internet. This is the Organic, True, natural vehicle of Interconnection, that will enable us to be deeply connected to one another, through the expanding Sacred Technology of our physical body.

This is a world that is filled with Love, Honor, Devotion, and Life. It is the world I’m guided to continue exploring. It is a Path of Sacred Living In-Love with Life.

It is a path for the New Earth birthing, for balanced & harmonized living, and a return to magical realities.

And, it is a path I’m now called to cultivate with those who wish to hone your own sacred depths in this exploration!

Tomorrow, in Tulsa we begin this year of Sacred Living. To join us in an intimate gathering … click here.

For those not local, Recorded Explorshops will be following!

Living In-Love ~