The Sacredness of Now

With each sacred moment, anchored in the NOW, my mind opens.

With each breath anchored in the NOW, my body opens.

With each level of surrender into the NOW, my heart opens.

As I open to the sacredness within, I find divine perfection.

Anchoring into the sacredness of the NOW, all else becomes unknown.

Hanging out in the unknown has a way of sparking anxiety for most.

I find for myself, it requires my tapping into a deep reservoir of patience, as well as faith & trust. It is the faith and trust which helps me access patience. 

When I can perceive the unknown, as a pregnant pause, as a communication of Soul, as a reflection of Life, that divine timing is not yet at hand, I find even through these inner challenges, I can attune to the presence of Life’s Sacred adventure!

In Loving Reflection,