Sacred Living

We are always in relationship with all of life forms around us, above and below. We are always in relationship with the energies we resonate with, or not, both consciously and subconsciously. We are always in relationship with the deeper functions of our own human being-ness, our cells, our organs, our blood, our brain, our … Continue reading Sacred Living

Solstice Gifting

Hello Lovelies ~ We are nearing the beautiful Solstice, December 21st and floating in these darkening energies of night at this time. Following on the tail of Winter Solstice is a potent New Moon. I'm sharing a couple of gifts for your preparation for this sacred ending of 2022 and birthing into 2023. First, here … Continue reading Solstice Gifting

Offerings of Support & Celebration December~ January

Every year I love to offer extra support during the holiday and New Year season. This time of year can be full of a wide spectrum of emotions, stress, tension, maybe loneliness, and challenges. And simultaneously, there is also joy, excitement, connection, and a flurry of activity. Our human selves have the capacity to experience … Continue reading Offerings of Support & Celebration December~ January

The Foundation Lies Within You

As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2022, my guess is we've all shifted dramatically in our sense of reality. This experience is going to be varied, depending on how quickly one is able to surrender, release old patterns, & rebirth into a new level of being. Also, however much deeper clearing and healing … Continue reading The Foundation Lies Within You

Elemental Dragons ~ Inner Alchemy

When I first began the stage of my waking that took on the lingo of Ascension, one of the first visitations I had was that of a stunning mammoth red Dragon. This was shortly after the fairy energies (my own fairy aspect) quickly upgraded my system via the initial Light Language that streamed through me. … Continue reading Elemental Dragons ~ Inner Alchemy