Cosmic & Primordial Grandmothers

It’s been almost year since these powerful energies stepped firmly into my life.

They came spiraling into my home space, recalibrating the previous divine blueprint that had been activated 4 years before. My home is my temple. The Sacred Temple lives both in the physical structure of where I live my daily life, the physical home. And is also within, the Temple that is this Sacred Technology of the body.

Last year next level Inner Alchemy/ Inner Marriage phases dropped my more fully into my Divine Feminine aspect. Most of my life, the yang/ masculine of my being has taken the lead, leaving this personality & body living in a drought. Slowly over these years the elemental magic of Source, Love, and my Divine Complement (twin flame) have instilled harmony & balance within, gifting my with the elemental dragons of water and earth.

The previous temple space supported the early stages of these alchemical initiations and activations. Last winter after the full embodiment of that sacred temple blueprint, I was blessed with Dragon presencing.

When the Primordial & Cosmic Dragon Mother love entered in, it was discombobulating. The temple of my home was then transformed into a Womb Temple of the Sacred Feminine, of home & hearth, of spirals of Life that naturally transmute all that is present into the Sacred Presence.

What I didn’t understand yet in those last months of 2021 and early in 2022, was that these ancient mothers were the creation energies of both life & death cycles, cycles of chaos & resolution. the Dragon forces, are the elemental forces of all creation. In February of this year, primal, deep earthly teachings were upon me. An initiation into the sacred embodiment process began dropping me/my higher self levels into this physical temple space of the body in a way I haven’t experienced in 20 years.

For me, the chaos was first unleashed in February with the unexpected and quickened death of Moki, my heart, my 12-ish year old Chocolate Lab. I was taken into the liminal sanctuary of his death process for a week. These Grandmothers worked through me, helping his elemental energies to release as he went through his phases of dying. He and I were held cradled in the earthly womb presence of the primal void that received his dissipation, as well as the cosmic womb presence of all of life.

When we are blessed with Dragon medicine, they are Creator Beings. They hold not only the root emanations of creation, but inherently also destruction. They have the capacity to call forth our most primal selves. These selves carry remembrance of our own ancient origins beyond form, and into our single cell primordial existence and the stardust that we are.

Little did I know this event of losing Moki, a pure soul companion, would not only break my heart in a way it’s never been broken before, and that it was a trigger to crumble all barriers I’d constructed over eons preventing me from being able to love deeply & purely.

This year has tumbled and crumbled many structures, within and without in many areas of my life.

The crumbling and tumbling has and is now enabling new templates and blueprints to be birthed.

I’d like to say the dismantling of surprising physical world expressions has ended, but it hasn’t. I can say it has slowed down tremendously in the last couple of months and that my experience of detachment and neutrality regarding the worldly programs and games enables me freedom, even in the midst! And for that, deep gratitude and grace and humor is present.

Faith and Trust in the perfection that arises continues to grow exponentially.

And this year has supported what feels like a completion of unification through the Inner Marriage … I say that statement rather tongue-in-cheek, because at this juncture I don’t bank on this one’s personalities knowing if my perception of ‘completion’ exists. However, it certainly has bought about a profound inner state of balance, harmony, and refining elemental configuration, which is always dancing through this being.

For almost 4 years I’ve been swimming in the depths of the Divine Feminine waters and occasionally bobbing up to the surface. I’ve been returned to swim for the first time in over a decade, spiraled into new inititations. I’m sensing I may be exiting these watery depths soon, alchemized in a beautiful balance, carrying forth the gems of wisdom that will enable me to step into a new flavor of passion, purpose, and service, through this next level divine aligning!

We are all on our own deep, transformational journey. It is the depth of sacredness that we hold it, that enables the continued deepening always calling us forth!

We shall see what Life reveals.

In Devotion & Love,