11:11:2022 Gateway Amplification On-Line Activation

The journey is ramping up, Lovelies … see details for the event below!

My guess is that we’re all aware of the the patterns of numbers we began seeing as our awakening journey began. One of the first codes we start to receive are the numbers 11:11. 11 is a master number first & foremost getting our attention, saying “We’re here!” As 11:11 shows up again & again, we are offered tangible support that we are not alone, we are being supported by higher, unseen realms, and most commonly these patterns of similar numbers are referred to as Angel Numbers. They appear as double patterns or at times other sequences, such as 222, 333, 444, etc.

As our journey progresses and we’re accessing higher frequencies and dimensions the number sequences become more complex in nature, and information is downloaded into our consciousness, that for me has been a language I receive from my Pleiadian star family.

As we sit in the Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse today, November 8, we are already within the 11:11 energies. This gateway opens the portal of rapid transformation through the 12:12 & 12:21 gateways in December. We are NOW setting the tone for our 2023, both individually & collectively.

All the energies are highly activated, amplifying, & swiftly moving through the end of this year.

The qualities & invitation from this master number is to celebrate our creative nature, rapid awakening, manifesting through Heart~Soul divine alignment, deeper Sacred Embodiment & connection to our Highest Self aspects, and choice points for both personal & collective acceleration into the higher dimensional living of New Earth realities.

This has been an extraordinary year, in that the opportunities for our transformation in the aftermath of Covid has been filled with massive, non-stop blessings that are reconfiguring the very foundations of what we can rest into as the ‘real world.’ The blessings bestowed upon us have been both exulting & tumultuous for most. However, we must remember they are blessings to support our momentum! It is up to us to choose to come into a sacred relationship with these higher levels of consciousness.

I’m excited to offer this event for your journey. We’re meeting on Thursday so that everyone will be prepared for 11:11 AND you’ll have the Replay to return if you feel called to reactivate on Friday.

You are invited to a special on-line event … below are the details!

11:11 Gateway Amplification

Thursday, November 10

2:22 pm Central Time

Register for your Zoom &/or Video Replay link via

Love Donation

paypal.com/paypalme/sacredembodiment or cash.app/$JamiLindley

please note on your payment “1111”

Prepare for the activation to be around 90 mins. We will begin on time, so join us a little early to settle in. Bring a glass of water, a journal if you’d like, & an awareness of what new energy you here to birth!

If you can’t join us live, a replay will be sent out with registration.

Super excited to spend this time with you & to be bringing in some beautiful themes for our forward momentum as Divine-Humans!

In Loving Service ~


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