Hearth & Home Sanctuary

This last couple of weeks have been hoppin’ with offerings, a little something for everyone, in support of the Full Moon-Eclipse and 11:11 Gateway. Our Inspired Poetry & Musical Alchemy evening brought back to me a memory of co-creation that began around 2006.

When Byron and I were married, our wedding was created in alignment with our spirituality. Though it was a celebration of us coming into union, we intended it to be a deeper experience that would speak to the Heart~Soul of our guests. Many who attended said it was unlike any wedding they’d attended before. They felt overcome with deep peace, with joy; they felt profound connection with everyone who was there, whether they knew these people or not. They were uplifted and felt a kind of high that wasn’t induced by any substance. Our intention was brought to life!

One of the biggest contributors to this experience were some of our favorite musicians, Shimshai and MJ GreenMountain. Their music, the ecstatic dancing and the energy of their beings carried fabulous high vibes and deep divine experiential wisdom through their music, that touched the hearts of our families and friends, who weren’t really dialed into our lifestyle.

(The image above is Shimshai bestowing a South American wedding blessing upon us.)

That evening, as they played out doors at my aunt and uncle’s property, stars twinkling above, inspired us to begin visioning of a sacred space one day to support spiritual connection and sacred music medicine and movement.

Here we are, 16 years later. Life has introduced new paths. We’re now divorced, yet living together as housemates, in divine friendship, and as soul family. Old contracts dissolved and new blueprints enlivened.

Recently we had a sweet gathering of Byron’s Inspired Poetry & Musical Alchemy, with yours truly, offering Light Language and holding the sacred container. As Byron was sharing his poetry, the room was silent, everyone was held in the embrace of their own meditative experience receiving the divine transmissions of higher teachings he downloads through written word. Once we were all dialed in and dialed up, the music & Light Language began.

At the end of the evening as I fell asleep smiling and heart joy-filled, I reflected on what we have brought into fruition here in Tulsa. There are many reasons I do my work from home or that I/we prefer to hold gatherings in our abodes, whether we’ve lived separate or together. One of those reasons, is that we both resonate with the earliest ways of spiritual gatherings taking place in private homes, particularly that of the earliest Christians.

I feel this as a Womb Sanctuary, bringing people together into the feminine way of nourishing the body, mind, Heart~Soul. The sacred intimacy it invokes allows comfort, closeness. It becomes an expression of sharing love and creating community as family.

Our modest abode may not always be appropriate, as it’s space is limited. However for now, it’s perfect and we both bring the balance of the Divine Masculine/ Divine Feminine presence that we actively anchor, frequencies are consistently upgrading, and Life is amplifying in this living sanctuary, we call home.

This recognition last night was also another interesting reflection of how intentions and dreams are set into motion in the spiral of time, and then perhaps forgotten by our conscious mind. Yet, once it’s etched into the field of creation, if it’s been seeded with divine alignment, its birth will become manifest…eventually.

We love and appreciate those who receive what we bring to share, whether we create in tandem or solo. You all were entered into songs we sang to the Universe, before we all ever met. How magical is that!

Of course, more offerings will continue and we are honored to host you in our Abode of Enchantment as the call speaks to aligned Heart~Souls.

We’re in a time of magical co-creation … what are you creating from this Now, for your next Now?

From Our Heart to Yours ~

Lotus & Byron