Cosmic & Primordial Grandmothers

It's been almost year since these powerful energies stepped firmly into my life. They came spiraling into my home space, recalibrating the previous divine blueprint that had been activated 4 years before. My home is my temple. The Sacred Temple lives both in the physical structure of where I live my daily life, the physical … Continue reading Cosmic & Primordial Grandmothers

Clearing the Shadow from Our Sight

I have a brief story to share and the outcome remains in process. Last Wednesday, on the cusp of the Full Moon, my right eye became filled with floaters during the day, and flashes of light at night. I waited until Friday to 'feel into' whether this was showing up as an Ascension Symptom or … Continue reading Clearing the Shadow from Our Sight

Ascension Sensitivities (Symptoms)

*Please feel free to share. If you do so, please share in its entirety. Thank you!* Ascending Beauties! The most common questions that come up in the very early stages of one’s awakening or Ascension experience, has to do with the new sensations in the body. “Why am I so tired?” “I feel so depressed.” … Continue reading Ascension Sensitivities (Symptoms)